New Server Defaults

Pet Sitter Plus servers are defaulting to version 6.0 for all existing clients from Tuesday December 3rd 2019


On Tuesday December 3rd 2019 all servers around the world that host Pet Sitter Plus will be set to default to new version 6.0 software. 

We appreciate that many of you will have a number of questions about this change so we have put together this list of handy FAQ’s to help you to understand and to navigate this process;



1. What does “defaulting to V6.0” mean? 

At the moment, when you log into Pet Sitter Plus your server defaults to the older V5.8 interface which means that the first thing you see is the older version 5.8 software. You then have the option to switch to the new version 6.0 software by clicking a button on the version 5.8 homepage.


On the Tuesday December 3rd 2019, this situation will change so that when you log in, the first thing you see will see is the new version 6.0 software with an option to switch back to the older version 5.8 software if you prefer to use the older version.



2. For how long will I still be able to access the older version 5.8 software? 

Although the older version 5.8 software is no longer being enhanced, we have no current plans to retire the old software until all our existing clients have successfully migrated to using the new version 6.0.


There will come a time in the future where technical considerations mean that we have to discontinue support for the older version 5.8, but at the time of writing we do not currently know of anything that might force us to do that at the present time.

3. How does all this work technically? 


From Tuesday December 3rd 2019, once your server default has been changed to version 6.0 then your standard database URL will “point” to the new version 6.0 instead of the old version 5.8.


Example; currently defaults to the old version 5.8 software.


After the changes are made on Tuesday December 3rd 2019 will default to the new version 6.0 software.

4. What does this mean for Administrators?

If an administrator logs into Pet Sitter Plus using the URL that ends in “index.ctc”



then after Tuesday December 3rd any user with administrator privileges will be presented with the new version 6.0 administrator software instead of the old version 5.8 administrator software.


For those who want to continue to use the old version 5.8 software, a menu option will be available to enable users with administrator privileges to switch back to version 5.8 if required.




5. What does this mean for Staff?

If a staff member logs into Pet Sitter Plus using the URL that ends in “index.ctc”




then after Tuesday December 3rd 2019, any user with staff privileges will be presented with the version 6.0 staff interface instead of the version 5.8 staff interface.

However, a menu option will be available to enable users with staff privileges to switch back to the version 5.8 staff desktop interface if required.


6. What if my staff (or I) use the old version 5.8 Mobile Interface? 

If you or your staff currently use the old version 5.8 staff mobile URL




then after Tuesday December 3rd 2019 this link will continue to work as it does now by referring your staff to the older version 5.8 mobile interface.

Summary......Staff who currently use  


will notice no change on or after Tuesday December 3rd 2019.

Computer screens V6.jpg

7. As an administrator, can I bypass version 6.0 completely after Tuesday December 3rd 2019?


If after Tuesday December 3rd 2019 you want to bypass the newer version 6.0 software (not recommended) so that you can log into version 5.8 directly (without first seeing version 6.0), you can do this by using this link


Please ensure that you save this link to your browser favourites.

8. Who will be affected by this change?

Today’s announcement applies to users of Pet Sitter Plus who started using their software prior to May 28th 2019. If you signed up to use Pet Sitter Plus after May 28th 2019, then your server will already be defaulted to version 6.0 and you can ignore this announcement. This does not affect your clients.

9. Why should I consider switching to Version 6.0?

Version 6.0 was introduced on May 28th 2019 and is the new strategic platform of choice for Pet Sitter Plus users. There are a number of advantages that the new version 6.0 offers over the older version 5.8 which include;

  • Many advanced new features and reports

  • New responsive modern design providing 100% compatibility with mobile devices

  • Future support for an APP

  • Future support for QuickBooks Integration

  • Future Support for a host of new modules to be announced in 2020.


​It is also important to consider that the functionality of the old version 5.8 was frozen in December 2017 and this older product will no longer be enhanced into the future.



10. Will there be an APP for Version 6.0?

Yes. The Pet Sitter Plus development team are currently working on an APP for new version 6.0 which we plan to release around the beginning of May 2020.


As with all major development projects this planned delivery date may be subject to change if the scope of the project increases from that which is currently envisaged.



11. What will the APP do?

The APP will provide a number of benefits which include;

  • A three-way messaging system (think WhatsApp) which will operate internal to the APP and which will facilitate and record conversations between administrators, clients and staff.

  • New full walk tracking functionality to deliver mapped walk information either to administrators (so that they can better manage the business) or to clients as part of the service report (or both).

  • An offline capability so that walkers can view their schedule and client information for the current day irrespective of having a connection to the server.

12. Will there be an APP for Version 5.8?

There is not going to be an APP available for Version 5.8 as version 5.8 is no longer being developed.

Users of the V6 APP will need to be using the V6 administrators interface so that they can access all the new functionality that is going to be delivered in the APP. 

13. Will this affect the client portal?

This does not affect the client portal and it will appear exactly the same as it does now.

14. Do I need to update the links on my website?

No. The current links for the client portal that end in "/clientportal" and "/clientportal/register" will not change after December 3rd. It only affects the Admin and Staff interface for Pet Sitter Plus - what the client sees remains the same.


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