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Pet Friends - Perth - Western Australia


Sharon Savill


The team at Pet Sitter Plus have been awesome! I owe my sanity and the health of my pet care business to them.


Until April 2012 I had been managing bookings, rosters, invoicing and accounts manually. I was working 24/7 and struggling to keep my head above water. I was beginning to hate the business I had loved for 17 years. And tax time was a nightmare I dreaded to contemplate.


In desperation I had approached a tech savvy guru who had created a very successful software system for a cat rescue organization here. He asked me for my wish list…what the perfect system could do for me. I was excited about the possibilities. This wonderful man, a savior, decided not to “reinvent the wheel” and after some extensive searching and research to compare the systems available he put me in touch with Pet Software.


That was the turning point. I was apprehensive to get started, I am technologically challenged (a dinosaur to my teenage children) but after one email and then a chat with Richard on skype I trusted I was in good hands.


Since that day I have not looked back. Getting started was a piece of cake. The software is super user friendly and, surprise, surprise…the “Help” tab is actually helpful!! And given all that, if ever I have needed a hand, the customer service has been spot on. Friendly,fast and efficient.


My wish list has been provided to me on a platter and some! There are features in Pet Sitter Plus I didn’t even know I wanted. And the team are always coming up with improvements and happy to hear our suggestions.


Now I have trained a staff member to operate Pet Sitter Plus and can take time away for some R and R. And even when I am not on leave, I can feel a sense of freedom with the portability of a system which can be operated from my phone or IPad.


I recently accompanied my husband on a two day business trip and had the luxury of overseeing Pet Friends while relaxing on a beach in Broome. Now that’s my kind of office.


Thanks guys, I love you!

My Pet Services - Qld - Australia


Brooke & Angela Harris


To whom it may concern,


We have now been using Pet Sitter Plus for our business based in Qld Australia for 2 months and could not be happier, when we first enquired about a software package for our business, Richard was extremely helpful in answering all our questions we had regarding our very complex business model.


We are an international online pet supply company with clients all around the globe and we were incorporating a new branch to our business when we came across pet sitter plus.


The new branch of our business incorporates all our current business in supplying products at competitive prices to pet owners, as well as providing the valuable services that they require on an ongoing basis, such as Grooming, Pet Sitting, Pet Food / product delivery. With over 9 separate income streams to our business it was important that the software we chose had to be top notch.


We looked at three options but Pet Sitter Plus was by far the most comprehensive and flexible to fit in with our varied business model.


We know how important it is to keep accurate and precise records of each job we provide, not only to keep organised, but to be able to communicate our extra services with our clients and increase business from each lead that we book.


Our customers are amazed at how our business goes the extra mile to ensure total satisfaction.


Pet Sitter Plus has made this process much easier and more efficient than we ever thought possible.


The Skype calls from Richard to assist us with any questions we may have, as well as the excellent communication on upcoming updates makes it an absolute pleasure for customers to not only contact us, but also piece of mind that our client’s precious ones are in great hands.

Pet Sitters NZ - Nelson - New Zealand


Wendy MacKay


After spending some time researching pet sitting software companies, I was relieved to find that there is a company out there that could cater for a business in New Zealand!


Richard took me through a tutorial via SKYPE and always answers any questions in no time at all (I’m sure he doesn't sleep!)


I no longer have to cross check bookings or use multiple systems for the different services we operate.


My staff can simply login to view their upcoming workload and all the information they need is there. The staff notes in the diary are an excellent feature, for reminders that can’t be missed by the staff.


When we had network problems at the office and could not access the internet, I was able to use my smart phone and continue operating as normal!


The business feels much more professional and I feel confident that I can now concentrate on growing my business and efficiently operate on a larger scale.

The Pet Nanny - Perth - Western Australia


Debra Matthews


After running my own pet minding/dog walking business, a friend in the same industry, recommended Pet Sitter Plus to me as she was thrilled and over the moon with the software program. I signed up for a 30 free trial and with the professional and friendly support from Richard I was up and running in no time and have never looked back.


I'm a one man band and keeping records manually was very time consuming and frustrating as I used a diary, handwritten invoices and receipts and spreadsheets for records. Now I just type it all in on PSP and it all done for me in a third of the time and looks so professional and excellent for tax records.


My clients are very impressed with the package also as now I can just email them a professional invoices and they can do a direct credit in my account and they receive an electronic receipt.


Richard and his team are a godsend to me and I highly recommend Pet Sitter Plus to anyone with a small or large business and have been doing so to my other colleagues.

Canine Walkers & Animal Extras - Port Melbourne - Australia


Fiona MacDonald


The support that I received from Richard before, during, and after the transition period has been absolutely wonderful. He’s been patient, thorough, readily available and has had answers to all of my (many) questions.
I now have my staff all trained up on how to use the system, so they can access their jobs at the touch of a button. All I actually had to do to train them was send an email – it really is that easy for them to pick it up and they all have access to their own bookings. They can see how much they will be paid at any time and they all absolutely love having access to this information whenever they need it.
" The amount of time this package is saving me now is quite astounding and an absolute lifesaver! "
Invoicing has gone from taking about 2-3 hours per day to about 15 minutes per day. This allows so much more time for working on other aspects of the business, like marketing, but it also allows me to actually have more free time to do “life” stuff!
I can’t thank Richard and his team enough for the change that their software has made to my business and my life. I can highly recommend this software package and the support that comes with it.
I would definitely encourage anyone with a pet sitting business to have a good look at Pet Sitter Plus, as it is most definitely worth every single cent and you will never look back!



Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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