< Changes to job requests


Job requests are created when a client books services online. However in this release the processing of job requests has been enhanced to make it possible to manage any kind of booking (not just online bookings) through the job request processing system.

Primary sitter listed on the job request summary screen>


This relatively minor enhancement enables schedulers to see who takes primary responsibility for the client without the need to drill into the client record.

New add job request function >


You can now add additional requests to an existing job request or create a completely new request. Additional requests might have been ordered by your clients via email, phone or text or through social media.

Additionally you might want to add further services to an existing request that the client does not need to know about but that form part of the service they have ordered.

Option to resend job requests to sitters and to clients >


Communication is everything and many pet sitting businesses have differing rules when it comes to adding a booking to the schedule in Pet Sitter Plus. During the process to approve an order, it may be necessary to communicate with staff involved in the booking and or with clients.

New options for re-sending job requests to clients and sitters now make this possible.


Vacations are now visible in a job request >


If a sitter is on vacation their jobs now show up in red on the job request when they are unavailable.

Cancellation of REQUESTED services >


Clients have the option to cancel services that they have requested. If the service has not yet been processed onto the schedule it will appear as a REQUESTED item.

Up until now, when REQUESTED services are cancelled by the client online there were no notifications sent so consequently no evidence that this had happened.

In release 5.5, when a client cancels a REQUESTED 
service, an email is sent to the client and an entry is placed into the system log.


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