< Changes to the online visit feedback report


Date & time stamp on visit report >


It had been noted that it was not easy to know if a visit report had already been sent to the client.


In release 5.5 the visit report now contains a date and time stamp so that you can see exactly how many times a visit report has been emailed to a client and at precisely what times.


Company admin now receives a copy of the visit feedback report >


All visit feedback reports are now copied to the company administrators email address which is stored in ADMIN > SETTINGS > Company Information > Email Address.


The option to stop these emails being copied to admin can be found in ADMIN > SETTINGS > Job Feedback Settings > Don't CC Job Feedback to Company

Customizable footer for the visit report>

Until release 5.5, the text in the footer of the online visit feedback report has been fixed and contained the words "Please do not reply to this email, it is auto-generated from Pet Sitter Plus".

In release 5.5 we have introduced an option to tailor the wording and content of the footer of the visit feedback report.

In ADMIN > SETTINGS > Job Feedback Settings there is now an options called Job Feedback Email Signoff. Any text entered into this section will appear at the bottom of all job feedback reports.


This option support merge codes so that it is possible to further automate the data that appears such as staff names and company contact details.

Include GPS Check-In Check-Out Data >

You can now include "GPS Check-In and Check-Out" data when sending an online visit feedback report to your client.


If you do not want to include this information you can switch this function off in ADMIN > SETTINGS > Job Feedback Settings > Include Check-In Check-Out


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