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Client Schedule

Book services online

The schedule is the place where your clients can request new services that you have chosen to be available for booking, view and cancel any booked services, as long as it is within the time set by your own cancellation policies. 


Set your own Cancellation Policies

Your business will have its own cancellation policy which can be easily configured via a policy manager. If your business requires x days or x hours’ notice prior to cancellation or booking, no problem. You can even set cancellation deadlines such as 8pm the day before service. 

What are "Requested Services"?

Services that have been requested but remain unapproved show as “Requests” in your client’s schedule until approved by an administrator. If your client changes their mind about requests they have made, they still have the option to cancel them subject to your cancellation policy. 

Transparency with GPS

If you or your staff use our GPS check-in and check-out function, then you can optionally make that information available to your client to view in the schedule.

Customisable Visit Reports your Clients will Love! 

Your clients will love our flexible visit report where your staff can optionally email pet pictures and messages about the day's service. These reports are accessible to clients via the schedule in the portal. 

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