Fully adjustable pay rates

Whatever rules you have in place for paying staff, Pet Sitter Plus provides flexibility so that you can completely automate the calculation of staff compensation to produce reports for each pay period that will be accurate and reliable. There are also options to add surcharges or offer discounts too.

Automatically adjust charges and pay on public holidays

When your staff work on a public holiday, you can setup rules that pass on any surcharges to your staff, or just a portion. You can also create rules that pay staff different amounts for the same service for different clients or make staff payments based on a fixed amount or a calculated percentage of the client charge.

Configure Staff Compensation

Pay staff at different rates

Staff can be paid at different rates. When staff are at different levels of seniority or have worked for you for longer, you may want to configure different pay amounts ranging from Junior to Veteran, with any number of increments in between.

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