" Since installing Pet Sitter Plus, the change for me personally has been massive."


Sharon Chamberlin - Doberdayz


Case Study

Why I don't have to dread Sunday nights anymore.



Sharon Chamberlin




May 2014

Pet Sitter Plus has seriously changed my life for the better. It has transformed the way I am able to run my business and my customers appreciate it very much.  I don’t have to dread Sunday nights any more. I now spend a fraction of the time on administration that I used to spend and I have loads more time to spend with my family. But life wasn't always like this....


Before getting Pet Sitter Plus my systems were laborious and manual. I began to see that sooner or later I was going to mess up and someone’s walk was going to be missed.


I was triple entering every service and I had a paper diary that was covered in scrawl and crossings out. From the diary I would have to count each service for each client and then transfer it to an excel spreadsheet. I found this to be so laborious and time consuming that I would leave it longer and longer each week because I just didn't want to do it. Then of course the problem just got bigger.


I used to dread Sunday nights as this was when I would have to create the schedules for the following week. I would have to write all the repeating services into my diary each week which would take ages. I had to be so meticulous, checking and double checking my work for errors. Once my diary was complete for the week, I would then text my staff with their jobs. Not only did this take time but there were the inevitable further bookings and cancellations on Monday morning. Keeping track of this was a constant battle.


"I was literally chained to the whole process which took so long that it seemed like it was all I ever did. There was so much room for error."


Invoicing would take hours and the options were limited. The invoices were not itemised so customers could not reconcile their various booking and cancellations. If a customer had a query about the amount then I would have to produce an itemised statement by hand which meant trawling through the diary again and using Word and Excel to produce the statement. I could not email invoices so we printed them off and then got the staff to hand deliver them which took a week or more. I had to trust the staff to leave the invoices which was not their top priority.  It was depressing to get home and think “oh no it’s invoicing”. It was all very difficult.


I am not sure what made me decide to give Pet Sitter Plus a go, I had seen various emails about the product and heard about it on social media. I received an email talking about a business just like mine who had made it work. This came just at a time when I was tearing my hair out. I was really attracted by the fact that the staff could get their schedules from Pet Sitter Plus on their mobiles and that invoices would take less time to produce. To be honest it did all seem a bit too good to be true.


The service from PSP was friendly and efficient and at no time did I feel worried or under pressure. I felt like I was learning and moving forward at my own pace. Richard is a good teacher and I enjoyed the training and overview session.


"Since installing Pet Sitter Plus, the change for me personally has been massive."


We used to spend hours producing invoices and delivering them by hand and now all my invoices are accurate, itemised and delivered by email in seconds.


The staff are really happy about the new system – their first comment was that it is simple to learn and easy to use. They love the fact that they can get client pet and vet information from their mobile phones and the efficiency of scheduling has made the whole process of running my business more relaxed. No more texting, no more worries – I just put a job on the system and literally forget about it.


I love the fact that my staff can acknowledge and complete their work because I now get to see who has seen their diary for the day and when jobs have been completed. It’s very nice for me as the company manager to know that nothing has been missed.


When my clients first received their invoices their comments were really positive – we received countless emails saying how professional and informative the new invoices were. It was all complimentary – there was no one who didn't like the new system.


I really love the fact that it’s now much easier to keep track of each client’s account and to know how much I am owed and how much I have collect in any given month.


I have found Richard and the team at Pet Sitter Plus so friendly and approachable I feel very confident that if I ever had a problem that there is always someone there to help. The training is excellent, you get to learn at your own pace, the system is easy to use and I have been getting on really well with it. It’s just so simple.


When i think back to my days working as a PA in the city in some pretty big companies, it makes me smile to think of how horrendous some of the software was that I had to use. What we are able to achieve with Pet Sitter Plus is way more sophisticated than anything I was doing back in the City with those big companies and that’s pretty ironic.


"I would never go back to the way I was working before and I say to anyone in my position – just get this software. It will change your life."



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