Running my business with Pet Sitter Plus saves me hours and hours of time. ” 


Jackie Booty - Dog Days

Dog Days

Case Study

Jackie Booty of Dog Days - "How Pet Sitter Plus gave me back my life!"

Dog Days


Jackie Booty


June 2011

I started my business in 2006 with a paper diary a word processing package, excel and a telephone. I thought it was enough.


My business grew very quickly and in just a matter of months it seemed I was spending all my time on administration. In the end I was loosing evenings and weekends and I had no time at all to think about expanding my business.


When I got a call from a customer I found it frustrating that I couldn’t retrieve key information quickly and I had to update customer information in several different places. I couldn’t send out quotes easily and it took me hours trawling through my diary to do my invoicing. As I expanded, keeping track of finances became difficult. I thought I needed an administrator but that would have been an expensive overhead.


When I took on my first two staff members, I spent ages sending emails and texts to ensure they had the information they needed to get to get their jobs done and this made me wonder if it was actually worth it.


“ Running my business with Pet Sitter Plus saves me hours and hours of time. ”


Pet Sitter Plus means I have my customer information at my fingertips. When a client calls I can schedule their bookings and send them a personalised quote or invoice in under 2 minutes. Customers love it. They are really impressed. I invoice my walking clients monthly and can invoice my entire customer base with branded high quality itemised invoices via email in under 5 minutes. I have just a few older clients who don’t have the internet and this is no problem. I can print them off an invoice and put in the post.


" The staff diaries work like a dream."


Staff have access to all the customer and pet information and they can see any special requests I have put into the system. They really enjoy working from their on-line diaries because they can see their schedule for the week and also what they are going to earn. We have even got our staff booking their holidays online! Occasionally, when a staff member has a problem with their computer and has to call in for their work schedule we all realise how bad it would be to go back to working without Pet Sitter Plus!


There are many more features of Pet Sitter Plus that save me time and make my pet business run smoothly. I would recommend it to any Pet Sitter who wants to present a professional image and save hours of time. Pet Sitter Plus has helped to set Dog Days apart from our competitors which, in what has become a highly competitive market is one of the key ways that we are staying ahead of the game.


Thank you Pet Software!




Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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