Configure Powerful Service Items


During the setup of your system there may be many ways in which you need to customise your services. Service items can be configured so that they appear and function the way you need them to. During setup you might come accross questions like these;


Online Scheduling

  • How do I exclude services from appearing in the client portal - such as services that I dont want clients to be able to order online?

  • When a client orders a walk - how can I configure the walk with Time Blocks so that the client cannot request a specific time but instead choose from a series of Time Blocks?

  • When my clients order overnights, daycare or boarding, how can I show the duration of the service? 


  • How can I pick out services such as boarding or overnights so that I can track them in the resource availability planner and know what booking capacity I have left for those services?

  • How can I duplicate services so that all my charge and compensation conditions automatically apply to my new service?

  • How can I apply a default time to my service so that I dont always have to assign a time at the point of scheduling.

  • What about services that are meant to appear on the invoice but that dont need to appear in the diary (for example dog food sales).

  • How do you manage services that don't need to appear on the invoice but that do need to appear in the diary (like free of charge pickup and drop off services).

  • How can I retire a service so that it is no longer available to schedule?


These questions typically arise during the setup of even the most simple of systems. Fortunately for anyone choosing Pet Sitter Plus, our powerful service item setup functionality makes it easy to configure servces so that they function the way you need them to.



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