The bulk invoicing report allows you to;


  • Identify any and all service orders that have not yet been invoiced.

  • Identify different types of invoices that need sending in batch for example “weekly” or “Bi-Weekly”.

  • Send bulk service confirmations,

  • Raise multiple invoices in one action.

  • Option to email invoice or not as required.


Bulk Invoicing

Pet Sitter Plus will turn your client’s service requirements into an invoice at the click of a mouse, but for some clients who need to invoice many clients at the end of a week or a month, even this is not fast enough. If you invoice a large portion of your clients at the end of each month (or week) then you will really appreciate the time you can save with the powerful Bulk Invoicing feature of Pet Sitter Plus.

Creating your bulk invoicing list
Pet Sitter Plus enables you to create a list of all people who you have not yet invoiced in just  few mouse clicks and this list forms the basis of your bulk invoicing run. Using this report you can easily exclude people who should not be included in the run and perform spot checks to make sure your invoicing data is all correct.


Choosing your email template
Once your list is complete, you simply select all the records and then choose an email template. Pet Sitter Plus stores a list of email templates that can be used to support the various scenarios that exist in your business and so typically our clients have one or more templates to use at the time of month end billing – this template will explain to the client what to do to effect payment and thank them for their business etc.


Push the button
Now that you have selected your email template – it’s time to push the button. Clicking “Email Invoices” will now send a professional account summary & invoice to each client that appears on your bulk invoice list. There is no limit to the number of invoices that Pet Sitter Plus can create in a single billing run saving hours and hours of time over manual invoicing methods.


Copy me in!
You will also be copied on all the invoices that are sent out. You do not need to keep the copies – because Pet sitter Plus keeps a permanent account history for each of your clients, but does provide users with a view of exactly what their clients are seeing (which helps when you are first getting used to the system) and also provides important confirmation that your emails have been sent.


Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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