Mobile Admin Jobs list

The admin jobs list provides a list of pet sitting assignments scheduled by pet sitter for the whole company. Scheduled in time order within pet sitter, administrators can click on any job to access all client, pet, vet and visit routine information.

Pet Sitter Plus supports separate interfaces for clients, business administrators and walkers & sitters in a single integrated product which helps to efficiently communicate key pet care and scheduling information between you, your clients and your staff..

App Style Mobile Interface

Available for both independent contractors and employers alike, your latest pet sitting schedules are now available to anyone with a Smartphone. An “App” style interface allows pet sitters to access their jobs list where they can easily drill down into client, pet, vet and visit routine information that is relevant to the jobs they have been assigned.


Pet Sitter Day Notes

PSP Mobile also contains a “day notes” facility. Using this feature, important messages and reminders either from clients or from managers can be relayed to pet sitters and appear in red text on the staff jobs list. Now it is easy to add special instructions that relate to one or more days of a pet sit or dog walking assignment and know that they will not be missed.


Client / Pet and Visit Routine Information

Pet Sitter Plus has at its core a sophisticated client / pet and visit routine database containing all the information required by sitters to complete their walks and pet sits accurately and ontime. This information is all available on a "job by job" basis in the staff interface on any device including the mobile interface.


Cancelling Jobs

Now jobs can be cancelled easily whilst on the move.

Scheduling work on the move.

Administrators’ have the option to add one more services to the system whilst on the move.


Full Client Lookup

Find any client quickly and then access all available client, pet, vet and visit routine information.


GPS Based Check-In / Check-Out

At the start of your visit, record the check-in time and the GPS location at the time of check-in. Likewise at the end of your visit, record the check-out time and the geographic location at the time of checkout. This information may then be made available to clients in the client portal (Optional). 


Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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