GPS Based Check-in Check-Out

Pet Sitter Plus Version 4.6 features an exciting new GPS check-in, check-out feature enabling pet sitters, administrators and clients to share actual visit start and end times. The system provides geographic exidence that you (the pet sitter) were at your clients premises at the recorded start and end times of the visit which helps promote peace of mind and trust in your very important client relationships.


GPS Check-in Check-out. 


  • Checking-in and out. The PSP Mobile interface for sitters and administrators has now been enhanced to allow sitters to easily record their geographic location at the start and end times of the service.


  • GPS data is displayed for administrators. As a systems administrator, you can click on any job in the admin diary to access the GPS check-in Check-out data which tells you where your petsitters are geographically at the recorded start and end times of the service. Data becomes available in real time as it is recorded so the system is also useful to help administrators view progress and be alerted to scheduling problems in any given working day.


  • GPS data is optionally displayed for clients. Subject to controls setout in client portal setting, your clients (at your option) have access to view the GPS check-in & check-out data that has been recorded by your sitters giving them peace of mind that their visit went ahead as schedued and that they received the length of visit that they ordered.


  • If you choose not to allow your clients to have access to GPS check-in, check-out data, then the system can still provide valuable information about the real time progress of each of your staff in any given pet sitting day.


  • Controlling who has access to GPS data with Client Portal Settings. Client Portal settings have been extended to allow you, the administrator of your pet sitting business to effectively "switch on" or "Switch off" your clients access to GPS check-in and check-out data in the client portal (their online account with you).

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