"If only I could have had the foresight to see how Pet Sitter Plus would transform my business."


Jill Crowther - Muddy Paws



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Jill Crowther explains why Muddy Paws Huddersfield would not be without with  Pet Sitter Plus

Muddy Paws Huddersfield


Jill Crowther




January 2014

I started my pet services business in April 2010, from the start I was ambitious about my plans for the business and it soon became clear that I would need some sort of software to assist me. 


In the early days a large portion of my time was taken up filling in my schedule by hand, raising invoices and working out my revenue and cash flow. It was pretty laborious.


My paper diary had to be carried round like the Holy Grail, because in this business you never know when someone will call to make a booking or to check your availability. Enquiries were coming in thick and fast and soon my diary was full of hastily written notes that were really difficult to read and ultimately mistakes were made and bookings were missed. This was not ideal by any stretch of the imagination.


I became aware of Pet Sitter Plus software long before I opted for the trial. I was really wary and thought; “Was this just another cold caller after my hard earned cash, trying to sell me something that I didn't really want or need?” I'm laughing now looking back as I realise how my cynicism could have lead to the wrong choice.


I decided I would look into it in more detail when I had the time, but between my daily pet sitting duties and admin work there was not ‘time' and so the months just passed by as I struggled on.


"If only I'd have had the foresight to realise how using Pet Sitter Plus would transform my business and organize my admin in ways I didn't even know were possible."


When my husband came on board to help with the business I decided to bite the bullet and email the team at Pet Sitter Plus to enquire about the free trial, within the hour my free trial was arranged. I didn't know it then but this was the beginning of a new chapter for my business. From initial set up of the software through to implementation Richard Booty and the team were there to provide exceptional support not only with the software but with all aspects of my business, they were, and still are always willing to share their knowledge and experience they have gained over the years.


" The transition from using a manual system to computerised was a bit daunting but once my clients were all loaded it was like going from horse and cart to driving a sports car and there was no stopping me."


Here is a list of the main benefits that I have got from using Pet Sitter Plus.


If I want to schedule all the work for all my regular clients for the upcoming month it takes about 30 seconds using the 'repeat services' function. This is an amazing function that not only generates my regular schedules for the month but generates invoices in the process ready to go out when I need them too. It even sorts out staff compensation in the process.


If I want to see how much money I have made for the week or month or even year I can see those figures with a few clicks.


It used to take me a good few hours to write out my invoices for the week, now I email out all my clients invoices in seconds!


Issuing a receipt for a payment received is now very easy; I can access a list of all outstanding invoices and issue a receipt for full or partial payment as required.


There is an amazing function for handling late payers. In just a few clicks I can see how many days since I sent out an invoice and issue a reminder if needs be.


If I need to schedule services while I am out and about this is no problem either. I have access to my diary in PSP Mobile any time anywhere on my Iphone. This fantastic system also lets me  check a clients address, contact details and pet information on the go.


Last month we took on our first full time employee, I schedule all the services in the system and my employee accesses the information using PSP Mobile and is able to carry out her duties with all the information on the client and pet to hand.


She uses the acknowledge function to let me know that she has seen and completed each job so I am not worrying if any pets have been missed or forgotten about. The best part about it is that she can see on a daily, weekly or monthly basis how much she has earned so there is never any mix up about wages or pay expectations.


My clients love the software and we have received many compliments about how organized and professional we have become since I started the business. They now receive professional looking quotes and invoices and I can keep on top of my admin without mistakes being made.


" I cannot recommend Pet Sitter Plus highly enough, if you are considering signing up for the free trial, I would say





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