NEW! GPS Accuracy Meter and Improved Reporting in Version 6

Take back control of the quality of the GPS data that you record!


If you have ever had concerns about the accuracy of the GPS data that you record, please watch our short video which will help you achieve much better results and much improved accuracy from our new GPS check in software.

This new release delivers a GPS accuracy meter that will help your pet sitters to check in at the best possible time when their phone is delivering the best quality GPS data. 

We believe that this new function will hugely improve everyone’s checking in and checking-out data so that it is easier to rely on the GPS data recorded during your working day.

Plus you will see how the new map function now contains a much improved accuracy indicator via the Location tab. 

1. New GPS Accuracy Meter! 

When you check-in to Pet Sitter Plus from the Version 6.0 Staff Dashboard, you will now see the new GPS Accuracy Meter which is integral to the check-in button.

The meter works like a star rating system (although we use bubbles instead of stars). Bubbles displayed range from 1 to 5 where one bubble means low accuracy and 5 bubbles means high accuracy (5 meters or less).

As a direct result of having the accuracy meter, your pet sitters now have a means to control the accuracy of the GPS information they record. If the new GPS accuracy meter shows a low reading it is sensible to take steps to try to improve things; for example

  • Say you are in an apartment located at the bottom of a tall building. When inside a tall building it is often challenging for phones to acquire a good GPS signal so the advice is to move about! For example;

    • Take your device to a window in the property to see if that improves the accuracy. The accuracy meter adjusts in real time as your phone acquires a better GPS signal. If you see 5 bubbles - press check in!

    • Leave the apartment! - taking your phone outside will almost always improve accuracy of the GPS signal and again you will see this happen in real time on the phone.

  • The advice is to experiment. If you see low accuracy, move around in your environment to try to acquire a better signal. Remember that the best GPS signal accuracy will always be acquired when you are located outside of a building.​

Computer screens V6.jpg

2. How does it work

With this new release, Pet Sitter Plus is continually asking your phones GPS chip for its most accurate location. This method is actually a precursor to the introduction of full walk tracking which is due to be released in 2020. By poling the GPS chip at regular intervals we obtain a much higher accuracy over any given period of time and we then have the data we require to power the real time accuracy meter.

You may see 5 location bubbles straight away, or it may take a few seconds for the phone to establish the best GPS signal. Either way the GPS accuracy meter is an invaluable tool that provides pet sitters with the information they need to record much higher quality GPS information.

3. How can I check my location is accurate?


By viewing the Location tab from the staff dashboard service screen in Version 6, you will be able to view the new accuracy indicators which are explained in the video on this page.

4. Does this affect the Staff Activity report?

Yes, the staff activity report now has improved accuracy reporting so that it is much easier to understand the degree to which the data recorded is reliable and accurate.

5. Is this function available in the older version 5.8 staff mobile interface?

Unfortunately this new function is only available in the Staff Dashboard for Release Version 6.0.


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