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Release Version 6.0

Release version 6 is a brand new, beautifully redesigned, ultra modern interface for Pet Sitter Plus users around the world. Representing a step change in power and versatility, its fully responsive design makes it the perfect partner for any sized device from mobile to large desktops.


So go ahead, give it a try on your mobile phone and enjoy everything that this "new" Pet Sitter Plus has to offer which is now fully optimised for the small screen.



1. Schedule "List View" on Larger Screens >


The “Schedule List View" in V6 replaces the old "Schedule View" in 5.8 and ushers in a new era of flexibility, great design, powerful new functions and access to unprecedented levels of information.

As with every function in Pet Sitter Plus Version 6.0, this new Schedule is responsive which means that all functionality is available on any sized device including your mobile phone.

So go ahead, try it on your mobile. 


Read More about the New Schedule >



2. New Settings in Pet Sitter Plus release version 6.0>


There are a host of new settings in release version 6.0 which include;

1. A Brand New Staff Dashboard with options to:

  • Show or hide Check-in / Check out Data

  • Show or hide GPS Check in Exceptions

  • Show or hide the Visit Time Remaining

  • Allow or prevent the editing of recorded shift.

  • Acknowledge on Check In

  • Hide Acknowledge

  • Complete on Check Out

  • Hide Check Out

2. Staff Time Off:

  • Hide Staff Time Off - New option to hide the option that enables staff to request time off.

  • Text for Request Time Off - New option to enter a user definable description of how staff time off works in your business so that staff better understand your workflow.

3. Service Report:


  • Use Service Report - It is now easier to remove or add the Service Report (used to be called Feedback) into the Staff Interface.

  • Service Report Title - You can now add your own title for the Service Report and therefore call it what you like.

4. Client Portal User Definable Error Message:


  • Error Information for Service Request Screen - If you want to prevent clients from booking online under certain conditions, but you still want them to know that there are alternative ways they can book the services they require, use this feature to communicate the alternative ways that they can book services.

5. New Schedule Settings:


  • Default Service DetailUse this setting to control the default level of detail that administrators will see in your Schedule (List view and Column View) and in your Service Order.

  • Show Service Detail - If you have a junior administrator that sometimes schedules work for you you can now provide them with access to scheduling tools but restrict access to financial information and compensation information,

  • Display Client in Schedule - Users now have three options to control how the Client Name and/or the Client Reference (Pet Name) is displayed in the Schedule

6. New "Submitted Tax Date":


  • The Revenue & Tax (Cash Received) report in Pet Sitter Plus version 6.0 has been re-designed to provide a more accurate assessment of TAX due after a tax period end has been run.

Read More about New Settings >

3. < NEW Changes to Terminology used in Pet Sitter Plus Release Version 6.0


At Pet Sitter Plus we cater for a very wide variety of clients who are located in different parts of the English speaking world. In order to make some of the common terminology used in Pet Sitter Plus more broadly appealing some core product descriptions have been changed.


Read More about Changes to Terminology >

Computer screens V6.jpg


4. The NEW Staff Interface in Release Version 6.0 > 

Lets talk about options!

As we continue to build software with ever more powerful capabilities we realize that for every client that requests a new function we can find another ten clients that either don’t want that function or who want it delivered in a slightly different way.


The good news is that this is the most configurable Staff Interface that we have ever produced (ever!) with more options to help you configure your software to the exact requirements of your business. But the flip side of course is that you need to invest a little bit more time up front to get the best (and right) results from Pet Sitter Plus!


Before you provide your staff with access to this incredibly powerful tool, we recommend that you spend a little time reviewing these release notes to ensure that you have considered all the security and setup implications. These notes will reveal that  you can tailor this new Staff Interface to meet the exact requirements of your business and to mirror the way in which you want your staff to work.


Got a question? Please do not hesitate to email if you have any questions about setting up this powerful new Staff Interface. We will be very happy to assist you.


Read More about New Staff Interface >


5. NEW Powerful Client Revenue Reporting > 

In Pet Sitter Plus release version 6.0 we have added two powerful

new reports;

Top Clients by Spend  This new report will help you to identify your top spending clients. The report has an email capability to aid communication with top spending clients.

Client Inactivity Report  This new report will help you to identify clients who have stopped using your services altogether. The report has an email capability to aid communication with clients who no longer use your service.

We have also changed some terminology to make revenue reporting more easy to understand.


Read More about New Reporting >



6. < NEW Company Dashboard in Pet Sitter Plus Release Version 6.0


In Pet Sitter Plus release version 6.0 we have added a new company dashboard that brings together all the key information that will help you to understand what is happening in your pet sitting business on a day to day basis.


From the dashboard summary you can easily access schedules, summary reports, GPS information, examine financial issues, process service requests and look up client information.

Read More about Company Dashbaord >



7. < Some Additional New Features in Pet Sitter Plus Release Version 6.0

Release Version 6.0 also contains a host awesome upgrades and improvements to existing functionality including;

  • Simplified Credit Card and ACH Refund Processing. It is now much easier to process a refund onto a card or back to a bank account.

  • Enhanced Client Logs. Pet Sitter Plus now records a lot more information in the client logs making it easier to understand how mistakes have been made.

  • Support for Staff Notes when scheduling repeat services. If you have a note that should appear every time a repeat service is scheduled, there is a now a function that support this.

  • Easier access to credit / debit and write off information. Ever found yourself drilling into an invoice to see if it contains a credit note or a write off? This information is now more readily available on the main orders screen.

  • Required keys list for Administrators. A fantastic new addition to the key management system.


Read More about New Features >




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