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Release Version 6.0 Build 11090

Since we released version 6, our a brand new, beautifully redesigned, ultra modern interface for Pet Sitter Plus users around the world, we have listened to your feedback and upgraded certain areas to address all the major concerns raised.


Those clients who are still using 5.8 will now confidently be able to move onto using
version 6.0. 



1. NEW Editing a Single Service in the Schedule


More options, More information, More control

In previous releases, when editing a single service in the schedule, list view, column view, etc, there were 4 tabs available that enabled the user to navigate to map information, the service report and to check in and check out information.

These tabs are no longer there and you will want to know where they have gone. The answer is simple – click on a service description in any scheduled item and all the information (and more) is there, including service reports, staff activity, key information, drill down into order, client and invoice.


Read More about Editing a Service >



2. NEW Schedule Compact View


For clients that loved the Diary option in 5.8

We have listened to some of our clients’ feedback about the new List and Column views in version 6, and in Build 11090 we have created an alternative “Compact View” to accompany the List view and Column view.

Give it a try – it is very reminiscent of the v5.8 diary and will be a welcome option for some clients.

Read More about the new Compact View >

3. NEW Schedule Formatting Options in List View, Column View and Compact View


Enhanced design for clearer layout

The schedule List view, Column view and Compact views
are now reformatted providing a clearer layout on desktop
with more delineation between sitters for better assimilation by admin staff.

Read More about the new Schedule Formatting >

4. NEW Service Analysis Report

Additional staff performance tool

A new “Service Analysis” report shows how long (on average) pet sitters have spent delivering individual services over time.

Read More about the Service Analysis Report >

Computer screens V6.jpg

5. NEW Timeframe ± in the Schedule


Added to Schedule List View, Column View and Compact View

Some businesses do not use Time Blocks preferring to use Timeframe ± instead. The Timeframe ± feature was missing from the Staff Dashboard of the V6 Staff Interface. This function has now been added so that it is fully supported in the V6 staff interface. It is also showing in the Scheduler, List View, Column View and Compact View (which is a new benefit as this was not the case in 5.8).

Read More about Timeframe in the Schedule >


6. NEW End of Day Time Constraint Options for Service Requests and Cancellations


Increased functionality for control of online bookings

A new function has been added to augment the way time constraints work in the service request and cancellations workflow, which will allow you to control the time your clients can request or cancel services up to.

For even more control, the end of day function for requesting services is also independent of the end of day time for cancelling services.

Read More about the new End of Day options >


7. Timecard Exports

We have added the ability to total Shifts in this export.

8. Bugs and Minor Fixes

This release includes a variety of minor bugs and fixes, and enhancements to the software.


Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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