< NEW Settings in Pet Sitter Plus Release Version 6.0


More options, More information, More control.

There are a host of new settings in release version 6.0 which include;

1. A Brand New Staff Dashboard with options to:

  • Show or hide Check-in / Check out Data

  • Show or hide GPS Check in Exceptions

  • Show or hide the Visit Time Remaining

  • Allow or prevent the editing of recorded shift.

  • Acknowledge on Check In

  • Hide Acknowledge

  • Complete on Check Out

  • Hide Check Out

2. Staff Time Off:


  • Hide Staff Time Off - New option to hide the option that enables staff to request time off.

  • Text for Request Time Off - New option to enter a user definable description of how staff time off works in your business so that staff better understand your workflow.

3. Service Report:


  • Use Service Report - It is now easier to remove or add the Service Report (used to be called Feedback) into the Staff Interface.

  • Service Report Title - You can now add your own title for the Service Report and therefore call it what you like.

4. Client Portal User Definable Error Message:


  • Error Information for Service Request Screen - If you want to prevent clients from booking online under certain conditions, but you still want them to know that there are alternative ways they can book the services they require, use this feature to communicate the alternative ways that they can book services.

5. New Schedule Settings:


  • Default Service DetailUse this setting to control the default level of detail that administrators will see in your Schedule (List view and Column View) and in your Service Order.

  • Show Service Detail - If you have a junior administrator that sometimes schedules work for you you can now provide them with access to scheduling tools but restrict access to financial information and compensation information,

  • Display Client in Schedule - Users now have three options to control how the Client Name and/or the Client Reference (Pet Name) is displayed in the Schedule

6. New "Submitted Tax Date":


  • The Revenue & Tax (Cash Received) report in Pet Sitter Plus version 6.0 has been re-designed to provide a more accurate assessment of TAX due after a tax period end has been run.

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