< Pet Sitter Plus V4.7 with Mobile Optimized Client Portal and Online Client Registration.




Mobile Optimized Client Portal 

We are pleased to announce the release of Pet Sitter Plus Version 4.7 featuring a new mobile optimized client portal interface.


Now your clients can book and cancel visits on the move, upate their account information and pay their bills all from ther mobile phone.


Fully Functional

The new mobile enabled client portal interface provides all the functionality of the full interface but optimized for the smaller screen of your mobile phone. None of the functionality of the full interface has been left out of the new mobile interface.

Online New Client Registration 


In this release version 4.7 we have introduced our first online client registration system designed to enable your clients to register for access to online services in the client portal on a self service basis.


This does not necessarily replace the need for a registration meeting nor does it replace altogether the need for service enquiry forms on your pet sitting website but does provide a means of gathering information from your clients in a more efficient way, allowing them to provide information about their pets and about themselves at a time that is convenient to them. 


Information gathered during the registration process is stored directly into your Pet Sitter Plus database which means you no longer need to spend long hours re-keying information from your registration forms.

Timezone Setting are Enhanced for GPS Checkin / Checkout


After the introduction of GPS Check-in / Check-out in release version 4.6 of Pet Sitter Plus, we quickly realised that check-in times would not display correctly when timezones changed to accommodate daylight saving times. 


We have now introduced an option to select your specific timezone from an enhanced list of over 400 timezones. The benefit of this approach is that, once set, your system time will now update automatically for daylight saving time and your historic GPS check-in / check-out data will always appear to be correct even when crossing a daylight saving timezone change.

"Bulk sending" of Invoice and Account Summary on "bulk charging" of credit cards. 


If you are a client that likes to take payments from your clients using their stored credit cards, then you may well be aware that with Pet Sitter Plus you are able to take many payments from many clients in one action using Stripe and the Unpaid Invoices report. In this report you are able to select multiple client records and take payments from their credit cards in a single action. The client then receives a receipt which is automatically generated from your Stripe account. However this receipt does not show the itemised services for which they have just been charged.


When bulk charging credit cards, to date, there has not been an option to bulk send a copy of a receipted itemised invoice that show the clients what services they have just been charged for so in this release we have introduced that facility.


Now - on clicking "take payments with Stripe" in the Unpaid Invoices report, you are offered an option to choose an email template which will be sent to all clients whose card was successfully charged. This email will also have the latest account summary and invoice attached so that the client is aware of the services for which they have just been charged.

Schedule Sort Option by Time


Some clients have asked to be able to view services in the schedule ordered "by time only" instread of "by time within pet sitter". So in this release there is now an option to show jobs by time only within the Schedule (as opposed to by time within pet sitter).


To set this option go to ADMIN > SETTINGS > Diary Settings and set "Sort Schedule by" to "Time".




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