< Pet Sitter Plus V4.6 with GPS Check-In, Check-Out and Timeframe support for enhanced scheduling.




GPS Check-in Check-Out

We are pleased to announce the release of Pet Sitter Plus Version 4.6 featuring an exciting new GPS check-in, check-out feature enabling pet sitters, administrators and clients to share actual visit start and end times. The system provides geographic evidence that you (the pet sitter) were at your client's premises at the recorded start and end times of the visit which helps promote peace of mind and trust into your very important client relationships.


GPS Check-in Check-out. 


  • Controlling who has access to GPS data - Client Portal Settings. Client Portal settings have been extended to allow you, the administrator of your pet sitting business to effectively "switch on" or "Switch off" your clients access to GPS check-in and check-out data in the client portal (their online account with you).


  • Checking-in and out. The PSP Mobile interface for sitters and administrators has now been enhanced to allow sitters to easily record their geographic location at the start and end times of the service.


  • GPS data is displayed for administrators. As a systems administrator, you can click on any job in the admin diary to access the GPS check-in check-out data which tells you where your pet sitters are geographically at the recorded start and end times of the service. Data becomes available in real time as it is recorded so the system is also useful to help administrators view progress and be alerted to scheduling problems in any given working day.


  • GPS data is optionally displayed for clients. Subject to controls set out in client portal setting, your clients (at your option) have access to view the GPS check-in & check-out data that has been recorded by your sitters giving them peace of mind that their visit went ahead as scheduled and that they received the length of visit that they ordered.


  • If you choose not to allow your clients to have access to GPS check-in, check-out data, then the system can still provide valuable information about the real time progress of each of your staff in any given pet sitting day.

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Timeframe Support

The time frame feature allows you to specify a time period within which a service will be delivered. Once the service is scheduled with a "start time", the timeframe (expressed in hours and minutes) describes the period of time both before and after the scheduled service start time within which the service can be delivered.


Timeframe tells the sitter the earliest possible and the latest possible start time within which the service will be delivered.


  • Timeframes are expressed in hours and minutes.

  • A service can be assigned a default timeframe or no time frame at all.

  • Default timeframes can be over-ridden at the time of scheduling.

  • Time frames allow sitters to be informed of the expected service delivery window. 


Other Enhancements


  • Service Item Enhancements. To assist and enhance online service scheduling, service items have been enhanced. Additional service item attributes now include;

    • Time Type - Time types include

      • All Day - set this for services such as daycare and overnights when "time" is not required to be input during online scheduling.

      • Anytime - Use this time type for services such as walks and visits when you do not want your client to have the option to select a time (for example a reduced price walk whereby the time could be anytime of the day).

      • Standard - Use this time type for walks and visits when you want your clients to be able to specify a time for the service. For example a premium rate service whereby the client can choose a time in which the service will be delivered​.

    • Default Time - A default time can now be set so that items (such as daycare and overnights) can automatically be placed in the desired column of the diary without user input.Also it is now possible to further automate scheduling of morning services and afternoon services.


  • User definable signoff for online scheduling email service requests and confirmations. It is now possible to define a standard signoff underneath the information provided in emails that are sent to confirm service requests and confirm services scheduled.



Other Issues Resolved


  • EDITING THE DATE OF A JOB REQUEST. When a new service request was received from the online scheduling system, if any of the dates of the requested services were changed, the resulting changes were not saved. This has been rectified.


  • CREDIT NOTE PROBLEM RESOLVED. When creating invoices in advance of service delivery, Pet Sitter Plus will automatically produce a credit note when services are cancelled. There was a problem with this feature such that services cancelled by clients would create zero value credit notes. This has been resolved.


  • INCORRECT ALLOCATION OF RECEIPTS MADE BY STRIPE VIA CLIENT PORTAL. When there was more than one invoice outstanding and a client selected a particular invoice for payment, Pet Sitter Plus was not always assigning the receipt to the correct invoice. This has now been resolved.


  • INVOICES BEING SORTED BY DUE DATE WHEN PROCESSING RECEIPTS. When processing receipts, if a client had many outstanding invoices, the receipt would not be allocated to the oldest debt first. This has been resolved.


  • PRIVATE CLIENT NOTES. Private client notes were appearing when a visit report was created 


  • DATA REFRESH PROBLEM WHEN CREATING NEW DATATYPES. When new datatypes are created in Pet Sitter Plus, such as new "Staff Types", Email Templates, etc, the new data type created was not showing in the list of datatypes until a screen refresh occurred. This has been resolved.


  • AGING COLUMN DISPLAY ISSUE RESOLVED. In the ORDERS section within a client account, there is an "AGING" column that contains the age of an invoice in days. If the number is positive, the invoice is overdue. If the number is negative, the invoice is not yet due. All not yet due invoices with negative aging amounts were being incorrectly expressed as positive numbers. This has been resolved.


  • BULK RESEND INVOICES.  Pet Sitter Plus allows for a standard email subject to be set when re-sending invoices via the bulk outstanding invoices report. For this report - the standard narative was being ignored if changed from the default. This has been resolved.


  • DIARY REF OVERRIDE IN REPEAT SERVICES. The diary ref override, a feature that enables the standard diary ref (pets names) to be overridden and replaced for certain scheduling scenarios was bing ignored by the repeat services report. This has been resolved.


  • DATE OF FIRST SERVICE MISSING FROM THE PLANNER. When scheduling a new service that was due to be displayed in the planner - such as a boarding or overnight stay, the first date of the service was not showing in the planner until the screen was refreshed. This has been resolved.


  • REPEAT SERVICES THAT ARE NOT APPLICABLE IN A GIVEN DATE RANGE. When a repeat service is not applicable in a given date range, this is generally because the user has forgotten to select any days associated with the repeat service. It is now possible to obtain a list of these so that data problems such as those described above can be identied and resolved.


  • CHANGES TO THE CLIENT PORTAL REGISTRATION. The process to register clients to use the portal has been streamlined making the process clearer.

    • ​When emails to create password and change password are sent, the system now confirms to the user which email address they were sent to.

    • When messages are displayed telling the user to check their email for a confirmation link - these messages have been made more clear and concise and the login functions (not relevant at the time) have been removed making the messages more prominent.




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