< Pet Sitter Plus V4.8.


Improved invoicing options - Now you can take payments with stripe at the point of invoicing. 




1. Improved Invoicing Options.

The function to raise an invoice and the function to charge a credit card have for some time been separate functions in Pet Sitter Plus. Well - they still are, but in this new release it is now possible to take a payment with Stripe at the same time you raise an invoice. This new function is available in the bulk invoicing program and also when invoicing one client at a time.


For people who regularly take payments with Stripe this feature is designed to save time and it also helps to simplify the invoicing options.


It is now possible to do the following all in a single action.


  • raise an invoice (or multiple invoices)

  • take payment from a credit card held on your client's file

  • auto receipt the payment into Pet Sitter Plus and..

  • mark the invoice as paid.


In addition to this the option to "Email invoice and account summary" and "Email invoice only" have now been consolidated into a single "Raise Invoice" option.


Whilst it is still possible to raise an invoice and to take a payment with Stripe as two separate functions, this new facility which integrates invoicing functions with Stripe payment processing provides our clients with a new option to save time by integrating commonly used functions into one.



2. Moving service items from one service order to another.


Have you ever scheduled service to the wrong service order? Perhaps you have put a January walk on the February service order? With release version 4.8, it is now possible to move services from one service order to another.


Prior to the arrival of this function, when a mistake had been made, it was traditionally a two step process to put things right. First you had to re-schedule the service to the correct service order and then delete the incorrectly scheduled services from the incorrect service order.


Now it is possible to move services from one service order to another in a single action making it much easier and faster to correct scheduling errors of this type.




3. Default timeframe can now be added to a repeat service.


Pet Sitter Plus currently supports a function to add a timeframe to each service. The timeframe provides sitters with a indication of the earliest time and / or the latest time they are permitted to arrive to start a service. It is a tolerance around the planned service time expressed in hours and minutes.


In release 4.8, it is now possible to set a default timeframe against a repeating service such that,  if your client has expressed a preference, any repeating services can now be processed with an associated timeframe matched to their regular service requirement.

4. "Bulk Adding" of service order labels at the time of running repeat services.


If you like to use the service order labelling function you might have been frustrated when you were unable to change or add a new service order label at the time of running repeat services.


Well in release version 4.8 there is a new function which enables you to add a service order label at the time of running repeat services.


This means that you can apply service order labels to your service orders which are associated with your regular repeating jobs making this function more attractive.



5. Show Diary & Schedule by Client Area....


There is a new function to show the diary and / or the schedule by client area. On the client record there is an "Area" field which is perhaps best known as "neighbourhood" in the USA. 


Up until now it has only been possible to show the Diary / Schedule by "Staff Area" which is effectively a group of Staff who may cover a district.


However this has now been enhanced by the option to show the diary and / or the schedule by client area (Neighbourhood).


6. Global "Show Time" Setting


When scheduling any job, there is an option to either show the scheduled time of the job in the diary or not to show the time as the circumstances dictate.


Some businesses habitually do not "show time" whereas some businesses habitually need to show time, therefore a useful new function has been added to default the "Show Time" flag which then gets defaulted to either True or False at the time of scheduling. 


This potentially removes another mouse click at the time of scheduling new services.


7. Rescheduling jobs between pet sitters on the mobile ADMIN interface.


By popular demand, a new function has been added to the mobile interface that enables administrators to re-assign jobs from one pet sitter to another from the mobile admin interface.

8. Other Minor Enhancements


Improvements to searches.

If you have two pets, example Henry & Trixie, then a partial search for Trixie (for example using "Trix") would not find Trixie. This has been remedied in release 4.8 in that a search for "Trix" will find "Trixie" 


Additional field added to details.csv export.

For those client who store a lot of data in the Public Notes and or the Private Notes fields in the client record, the details.csv export now includes the Private Notes and the Public Notes so that you can export this data.


Job Compensation Calculation in the Staff Interface

If the quantity field on any job was changed to a value greater than one, then the calculation of compensation in the staff PC and staff mobile interfaces was displayed as if the quantity were still one. This has been remedied.


Aged Debt Report is now sorting properly on the "Age" column.

There was a problem when sorting on the "Age" column in the aged debt report in that a debt 100 days old was showing underneath a debt that was 10 days old but above debts that were between 10 and 99 days old. This has been remedied.


Taking payment with Stripe at Client Level.

When taking payment with Stripe at client level, an option exists to send an email template. There is also an option to send no email at all. There were two problems here. a) the template drop down field was not populated so an email template could not be selected and b) if the option to "not send" an email was selected, the customer received a blank email regardless.


Both of these problems have now been resolved.



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