< Pet Sitter Plus Release V4.9


Link your email domain to PSP via SMTP. This is an interim release paving the way for direct emailing from PSP. 




1. SMTP Integration.

Since the introduction of Pet Sitter Plus back in 2011, all emails produced by the system have traditionally been sent from our domain "mailer@petsoftware.net". In this release you now have the option to integrate PSP with an email account of your choice. This is achieved through the introduction of an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) gateway.


It is relatively simple to setup SMTP integration and the slides opposite provide instructions on how to do this.


Once SMTP integration has been setup - all your emails sent from PSP will be routed through the email address of your choice via the SMTP gateway.


New email options on the way.

To date, it has only been possible to send emails to clients that have service confirmations, quotes or invoices attached. PSP will soon support enhanced email functionality such as bulk emailing of more general email notifications that do not necessarily relate to invoices (or have invoices or quotes attached). This long awaited functionality is planned for inclusion in the next release which will be available in the coming weeks ahead.


The purpose of this release is to test the SMTP gateway so that we can be sure our technical platform is stable before we introduce more advanced emailing functionality.


Finding your SMTP details.

The procedure for finding your SMTP integration details will depend on the email service provider you use. For example it is easy to find the SMTP integration details for a Gmail address. Simply type "SMTP settings for Gmail" into Google and a host of advice will come up in the results.


If your email service provider is less mainstream, then you might not find your SMTP settings in Google. If this is the case you may have to contact your email service provider directly for the details. If you get stuck, please contact Pet Software support and we will do our best to help you.


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2. New "Client Schedule" function for PSP Mobile.


There is now a new “Schedule” button on the client record in PSP Mobile which enables staff to see the other services that their clients have been receiving or are due to be receiving in any given week.


The sitter who will be delivering or who has delivered those services is also shown so that staff can answer the question... “who last attended that client”.




3. Suppressing the company name from the client portal header.


Sometimes clients have a company logo that is predominantly made up of the company name.


The default setting in the client portal is to display the company name above the clients logo. When a client has company logo that is predominantly made up of the company name, this can look odd - a bit like the company name has simply been repeated.


To address this issue there is now a new option in ADMIN > SETTINGS > Client Portal Settings such that you can suppress the company name from displaying in the client portal header.

4. Suppressing notifications of services cancelled in the client portal.


Until this release, email notification of cancelled services were sent to both staff and administrators for every service cancelled by clients. In high volume service environments, this could mean a lot of unwanted emails, especially if a lot of the service ordering is done online.


In this release version 4.9 you can now adjust the notification settings for emailed cancellation notifications and you can do this independently for staff and for administrators.


In this example, email notifications of services cancelled by clients in the portal will be received by admin users if the cancellation is made within 365 days of the service start date, but email notifications of cancelled services sent to staff are currently switched off (set to 0 days).


A setting of 1 in the staff field would mean that staff would receive email notifications of cancelled services only if they were made by clients within one day of the service start date.


5. Changes to invoicing options.....


A variety of changes to bulk invoicing and client level invoicing functions have been made to enhance the new functions introduced in release V4.8.


a)  In the bulk invoicing report it is now possible to identify a batch of clients who have a valid credit card held on file so that these clients may have their cards charged in one action at the time of invoice.


Now that this group of clients can be identified, it is possible to select and use an email template more suited to the scenario.


b)  The option to “Take Payment with Stripe” at the time of raising the invoice is now defaulted to “False” in the bulk invoicing program and at client level.


This was done to help prevent clients from taking payments from cards by mistake.


c)   New option to “Enable Auto Billing”.


This means that you can now “switch on or off” the option to “Take Payment with Stripe” at the time of raising your invoice.


When switched off, the option to “Take Payment with Stripe” at the time of invoicing is removed altogether from the invoicing screens.



6. Repositioning "Submit Request"


There have been cases reported of clients failing to click the “Submit Request” button when ordering services online. When this happens, clients have believed they have placed an order for services when in fact they haven’t.


To address this issue the “Submit Request” button has been made more prominent on the online service order processing screen.




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