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  • Full key management.


  • Support for direct emailing, combined with more advanced client searches.


  • Recording & reporting of referral sources.


  • Control for online job requests within "X" hours of the service start time.....


  • Admin override for GPS check-in check-out function.


  • A variety of new Stripe functionality


1. Key Management.

Most users of Pet Sitter Plus who provide a dog walking service are in a position of trust, holding keys on behalf of their clients. Larger users employing many staff might be holding hundreds of keys and sometimes multiple keys for the same client. Any pet sitting business manager knows that the management of keys can quickly become a problem. Being able to answer the simplest of questions like "where are my keys" and "who has a key to walk Sammy today?" is essential to the smooth operation of your business.


If you are managing a large number of keys in your pet sitting business then you might be relieved to know that release version 5 of Pet Sitter Plus now contains a comprehensive key management system with the following highlights;


  1. Flexible - Create as many key records for each client as required. Each key has a name, (such as "Front Door",) a unique reference and a full description.

  2. Assign Keys - Each key can be assigned to a pet sitter and then re-assigned as required either to a different pet sitter or back to head office.

  3. Track Key Movements - The system keeps a full record of the most recent key re-assignments showing the date and times of when keys were re-assigned.

  4. Improve Scheduling - Green and red key icons appearing in the schedule now provide administrators with an immediate picture of who does and who does not have a key to complete the days pet sitting work.

  5. Sitters can manage key lists - Sitters can now monitor their own key lists and can re-assign keys to other sitters as appropriate.

2. Support for direct emailing, including more advanced client searches.


To date, it has only been possible to send emails to clients that are associated with service confirmations, quotes and invoices. This meant that more general communication via email was not possible.


PSP now supports enhanced email functionality such as bulk emailing of more general email notifications and emailing clients one to one for general communication purposes. For example if you want to introduce a new client to the client portal, send a welcome email or ask all your walking clients for their requirements over a holiday period, this is all now possible using the PSP direct email functionality.


If you want to make use of this functionality then you need to configure Pet Sitter Plus to route your emails through your own domain using SMTP. Integration with SMTP means that your clients will receive emails from your domain (whatever that may be) as opposed to our domain which is "mailer@petsoftware.net".


Integration with SMTP was introduced in version 4.9 and is available under ADMIN > SETTINGS and SMTP Email Settings. For help in setting this up in your system please refer to http://www.petsoftwarehost.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Help:SMTP_Settings


If you do not configure the SMTP gateway, then the options to send general email notifications will not be available in Pet Sitter Plus, so the SMTP integration form must be completed to enable general email notifications from Pet Sitter Plus. 

3. Recording and reporting of referral sources.


Analysing and understanding where your new clients are coming from is hugely important to most businesses so in release version 5.0 there is now a new referral sources monitoring capability.


A new standard field on the client record has been added called "Referral Source" that enables you to record where your new clients have come from. This new field contains a drop down list of referral sources such as "Web Search" or "Advertising".


Referral sources are user-definable so that you can record only those that apply to your pet sitting business.


Once you have recorded a referral source for each of your clients, Pet Sitter Plus will report your revenue broken down by referral source and present this information in a useful pie chart.




4. Control for online job requests within "X" hours of the service start time.....


Many pet sitting businesses operate different policies when it comes to the online service ordering. Some pet services businesses prefer to receive bookings online only when a few days notice has been provided. Others would prefer to receive online bookings on the day the service is due to start (same day booking). 


Prior to release version 5,0, Pet Sitter Plus had a single setting of 24 hours which was not user definable. This meant that the system would prevent any order for service that was made less than 24 hours prior to the first service start time from being processed by the client. However, new in release version 5.0, it is now possible for the pet sitting business owner to define the number of hours within which the system will accept an online order for service.


The new control is located in ADMIN > SETTINGS > Client Portal Settings and is labelled "Prevent Job Requests within (Hours)".




  • Setting the value of "Prevent Job Requests within (Hours)" to "3" will mean clients can book services no later than 3 hours prior to the services start time of the first service.



  • Setting the value of "Prevent Job Requests within (Hours)" to "72" will mean clients can book services no later than 72 hours prior to the services start time of the first service.



5. Admin override for GPS check-in check-out function.


It is essential that the Pet Sitter Plus GPS check-in check-out facility remains tamper proof but with the best will in the world and from time to time a staff member might "check-in" the wrong job by mistake.


So in release version 5.0, it is now possible for a pet sitter who has made such a mistake to contact an administrator who now has a new facility to clear the incorrect check-in data so that the correct data can now be recorded by the pet sitter.

6. A variety of new Stripe functionality.


  • Stripe card expiry report warns of up and coming card expiry’s and enables you to email the clients to remind them to update their card details.


  • New Stripe charges feature shows recent card charges and refunds


  • New option to refund a credit card from the Pet Sitter Plus interface without the need to access your Stripe account.


  • Part Payments with Stripe. It is now possible for clients to "Part Pay" an invoice with their credit card. So a new function enables clients to click "Change Payment Amount" against an invoice amount in the client portal and pay less than the full amount of the invoice with their credit or debit card. This is useful (for example) when clients are  paying a deposit for a service.



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