Pet Sitting Business

If you are thinking of starting a pet sitting business then there are a lot of things you will want to consider. For example;


  • How will I build myself a website and how do I promote it in Google?

  • What services do I offer and how many service options should I introduce?

  • What will my pricing structure be?

  • How will I differentiate myself from the competition?

  • Should I be trying to attract new clients by offering discounts?

  • Do I need insurance and where do I get it from?

  • How will I interview my first clients and what forms should I use?

  • Do I need legal contracts and where do I get these from?

  • How does the administration work and will I need software?

  • Should I invoice my clients and if so should I invoice them in advance or arrears?

  • How should I collect payments from my clients, what payment options should I offer?

  • How do I avoid bad debts?

  • Are there people who can help me with advice and guidance?

  • Do I want to be a small lifestyle business or do i want to grow and employ staff?

  • If I employ staff should they be employees or contractors?

  • How do i pay staff and how much should I pay?– is it an hourly rate or should it be commission?


When you start your business the questions are endless and you will need quite a bit of help. 


Sign up for a 30 day free trial and you will receive a free one hour training course during which our experienced staff will help you with every aspect of your new business. At Pet Software, as most of us are ex-pet sitters your training course is a fantastic opportunity to get answers to some of the fundamental business related questions you may have. Also, in our blog on our website you will find a section entitled “How to grow your pet sitting business” which contains a wealth of articles written by Jackie booty who runs one of the most successful pet sitting businesses in the UK.


So if you are starting a new Pet Sitting Business our friendly team is here to help and looking forward to hearing from you.



Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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