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Largest Dog Day Care Center in the UK steps up a gear with Pet Sitter Plus

My name is Justin Kumaran and I run Halo Dogs based in Enfield, Middlesex UK. At the time of writing Halo Dogs is the largest Dog Day Care center in the UK and probably one of the largest of its type in the world.

We have recently completed the implementation of a new and revolutionary software system called Pet Sitter Plus which has been designed specifically for the Pet Sitting and Day Care Industry. In this short article I will tell you how life has changed for the better at Halo Dogs as a result of using this amazing piece of software.

I started Halo Dogs after coming to the end of a long and successful career in one of London’s emergency services. Working at a senior level in a large organisation taught me the importance of administration systems and so based on this knowledge I wanted to start Halo Dogs with a software solution already in place. However, back in the day we could find nothing suitable so we ended up with a general “off the shelf” accounting solution for raising our growing number of invoices and we combined this with Google Calendar for scheduling.

This solution was far from perfect, the most obvious problem being the lack of integration between Google Calendar and the accounts system. This meant that every customer service had to be double entered into Google Calendar and the accounts system. This was costing us money and really slowing us down. As well as that, in order to assign jobs to a staff member, everything had to be double entered in Google Calendar too which meant that in the end our service data was input 3 times.

At Halo Dogs we produce a fully itemsied invoice one a month for each of our customers. This used to be a nightmare to process because we had to transfer detailed service information manually from Google Calendar to our accounts system. This was horribly laborious and also prone to errors which cost time and sometimes money (when we missed a service off an invoice for example). Just before we upgraded, our month end invoicing run was taking a whole working week to process.

What made matters worse, even though I guess this was a nice problem to have, Halo Dogs just kept going from strength to strength so in the end all we could do was hang on for the ride. We spent all our time working with our ineffective systems hoping we could keep up. There was absolutely no time left over to research new solutions so for a while we were stuck with what we had.

Just five years after the business began; Halo Dogs was turning over more than £500,000 a year but still operating off Google Calendar and steam driven accounts. Administration had become a massive part of my working day which meant that I was not really available to manage or develop the business.

Having searched high and low to find something suitable for our needs it was obvious, and quite surprising that there wasn’t a program on the market to cater for even our basic requirements. So in the end we started talking to a software development business about a system that would meet our requirements. The price tag for this approach was just eye watering but we started to feel that this was perhaps the best and only way forward. However, just before we put pen to paper ….. we came across Pet Sitter Plus.

Pet Sitter Plus has been designed by someone who understands our business and clearly understands theirs. When I look back on the spec sheets we wrote for the ideal system, Pet Sitter Plus ticks 99% of the boxes but also provides features we hadn’t even considered. The best part however is that Pet Sitter Plus is tried and tested and ready to go so we didn’t have to face the expense or suffer the delays of getting something written.

Pet Sitter Plus is continually in development so since we went live we have already received a major update which means our clients can now login via a client portal and view and pay their invoices online. These updates are invaluable because with each new release our service becomes more professional and more competative.

The monthly cost to use the software is negligible compared to the benefits we receive, for example we have reduced the time it takes to raise our invoices at the month end from around five working days to less than 10 minutes and if that were not enough, we recoup more than the cost of the software just because we have stopped missing services off our invoices!

Our staff love Pet Sitter Plus. They all have access to the mobile version where they can pick up their daily list of dogs for collection and drop off. The level of information available to them is streets ahead of the old system.

The support has been fantastic. When we were trialing the product, Richard spent 4hrs on the phone on a Bank Holiday Monday helping my old brain get to grips with how it works, and even came over on a Sunday to hold my hand through some of the setup work.

Our customers have all commented on how much more professional our invoicing is these days. Our cash flow has improved and I no longer have to spend 7 days a month on invoicing tasks because incredibly, monthly invoicing now takes me about 10 minutes for the whole business!!

At the time of writing, Halo Dogs is undisputedly the largest day care and training center in the UK and one of the largest in the world and we whole heartedly endorse Pet Sitter Plus and the team behind it.

Do not wait until you think you are big enough to need this software, if you are setting up in a pet sitting or dog care business of any kind…. You NEED this product.

Justin Kumaran​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​




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