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Pet Sitter Plus Release Version 6.0 is released TODAY!

Updated: May 21, 2020

It gives me great pleasure to write to you today to announce the new release of Pet Sitter Plus Version 6.0.

The release notes are available on our website here:

Release version 6.0 is a brand new, beautifully redesigned, ultra modern interface available for all Pet Sitter Plus users around the world. Representing a step change in power and flexibility, this fully responsive design is the perfect partner for any sized device from mobile to large desktops.

Make the move to our new platform today and enter a new world where more things are possible and where all functions of Pet Sitter Plus are fully optimized for your mobile device.

We know you will have questions - probably a lot of questions - so here’s what we have planned:

Stage 1 - Today, Tuesday May 28, 2019

Today sees the first release of version 6.0 to our clientbase worldwide. You can jump into version 6.0 from the HOME tab of your old software (release 5.8). Look out for this new link on your HOME tab:

There's Always a Way Home!

If you click the link to version 6.0 it will open a new browser tab but please be reassured that accessing version 6.0 is not a one way ticket. All users will have access to the old software (version 5.8) and the new software (version 6.0) simultaneously for a period of time, so that way you will be able to learn the new software at your own pace while continuing to use the old software.

How do I get back to the old software (release 5.8)?

There are a number of ways to get back to the old software (version 5.8):

  • If you click the link to take you to version 6.0, the new software opens in a new tab, so the older software (version 5.8) will be right back where you left it (switch tabs to find it).

  • If you have closed the tab containing the older software (version 5.8), then click the HOME icon in the new software (version 6.0) where you will find a link back to version 5.8 (see image below):

If all else fails, simply log out and log back in again and you will be right back in the older release 5.8.

New Staff Interface for Release Version 6.0

For your staff there is a brand new version 6.0 Staff Interface for mobile and for desktop. This new software is powerful and contains a lot of new options so we recommend that administrators review their security and staff access settings before encouraging staff to access the new software. To help with this we have published these release notes:

How do my staff access release version 6.0?

Your staff can access release version 6.0 from a link on the old staff desktop interface (see image below).

If your staff do not currently use the staff desktop interface then they can access it by removing “mobile.ctc” from the end of their company web address (the one they use to access PSP on their mobile) and replacing that with “index.ctc”.

Example becomes where 0001petbusinessname is replaced with the details from your own businesses’ access link.

If I switch to version 6.0 has the Help system been updated?

Some of the Help system has been rewritten for version 6.0 but the project is ongoing and there is still much work to be done. Our Help system contains over 1,000 pages of information and we currently estimate that we are about 50% through the rewrite. At the time of writing if you access Help from version 6.0 you stand about a 50% chance of seeing a page that has been rewritten to support version 6.0. Two of our experienced support analysts are currently working almost full time on the rewrite project which we hope to have completed in a few months time.

This is just the start – more change is on the way

Today marks the beginning of a journey for our Pet Sitter Plus user community. During this initial phase, our focus is to help our clients to understand what release version 6.0 is all about while keeping change to a minimum. For example when you log in, you will still see our old software first, with an option to access the new version, but this arrangement will soon change.

Our old software is still being supported but it is no longer being developed. All good things eventually come to an end and the message to our clients is that all new features and all new functionality that we produce are now being made available via our new release version 6.0. Our goal is to help all our clients to make the switch as soon as they feel comfortable and are able to do so. To that end, there will eventually come a point in the not too distant future when we re-configure all our servers around the world so that when you log in you will see the new software first (with an option to get back to the old). We will of course give you plenty of time to prepare for this and plenty of notice that this is going to happen.

A bit of History and a Massive Thank You

We started to write this new software in December of 2017 and we first shared the prototype of what was to become version 6.0 with our Beta test group in June of 2018. Our Beta test group consists of three larger clients located in cities in the USA and they have been helping us to test the software for the last 12 months. I would like to extend a very warm and personal Thank You to those clients for their hard work and time spent in helping us to shape release version 6.0 into the product that it has become. Their contribution has been invaluable to the success of the project.

Now we need your help too...

Today we have provided all our clients around the world with access to release version 6 but the software is brand new and there will be things that we have missed. Please contact us on if you spot anything that is not quite right and we will be very happy to resolve any faults that you report.

Education and Support

We will be organising more educational material and seminars as time goes by, but in the meantime please review our full release notes here

If you need more support or feel that you need some one-to-one advice with implementation please contact and we will be happy to help.

We hope very much that you enjoy this new release.

Best regards


Richard Booty CEO, Pet Sitter Plus


Find out more about how Pet Sitter Plus can help you by signing up for a FREE 30-DAY no obligation Trial or ask us for a Demonstration of the software.


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