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Pet Sitter Plus Prices

Prices in Australian Dollars (AUD)

1 Sitter (Solo)

AU$38 / Month
Affiliate Price
AU$32 / Month

2 - 5 Sitters

AU$64 / Month
Affiliate Price
AU$50 / Month

6 - 10 Sitters

AU$115 / Month
Affiliate Price
AU$95 / Month

11 - 20 Sitters

AU$190 / Month
Affiliate Price
AU$160 / Month

21 - 30 Sitters

AU$250 / Month
Affiliate Price
AU$210 / Month

31+ Sitters (unlimited)

AU$315 / Month
Affiliate Price
AU$275 / Month

No minimum contract – Only active staff are charged – FREE unlimited training & support

Every Plan Includes:

Client Portal for Online Scheduling of Appointments

GPS Check-In/Out plus 1-Click Feedback sent to Clients

GPS Staff Monitoring including late arrival notifications

Easy Scheduling for Staff and Admins, plus Repeat Services

All-in-One Billing including Bulk Invoicing, AutoPay and Payment Tracking

Online Credit Card payment processing

Unlimited Accounts for Staff, Admins and Clients

Fully Customizable Client and Pet Records

Mobile PSP for Sitters

Key Management

Financial Reporting


Pricing FAQ's

Pricing FAQ's

Q1  What about training?


All product training and overview sessions are provided free of charge.


Q2  Why do I need training?


Pet Sitter Plus has made pet sitting administration as simple as it can be, but pet sitting administration, especially the management of client charge rates is often complex, so we provide you with a comprehensive training session to get you up and running. What's more it's all free.


If you should need more training and support, this is also provided free of charge.



Q3  Will I be charged for pet sitters who only work a few days a month?


You can schedule up to 3 jobs - ie 3 pet sits or 3 dog walks etc for each pet sitter before they are included in your licence count.


Q4  Are there any hidden extra's or restrictions?


Every client has access to the full version of our software including all available features. The only additional fees you may incur include merchant account fees (if you decide to take payment from your clients via PayPal or credit / debit cards). We make a small charge for data import services if required.


Q5  In the low season some of my pet sitters are not working. Will I be charged for pet sitters on my system who are not working?


No, you will not be charged. At Pet Sitter Plus we only charge for pet sitters who have work scheduled in any given billing month.




Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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