Introducing the most powerful GPS reporting suite available today plus a comprehensive and automated time tracking solution.



The long awaited release version 5.7 which goes live on 31st may 2017 is crammed full of exciting new features offering users new insight into the performance of their staff with the introduction of the most powerful GPS notification system available today.

Also in response to trends towards hiring staff as employees as opposed to contractors, Pet Sitter Plus now sports a whole new automated time tracking system to aid with minimum wage, overtime compliance and hourly payment. 

GPS Notification and Reporting >


The GPS reporting solution under


offers 5 extremely powerful notifications providing essential information about staff performance.

1. Check-in Overdue

Indicates when a Check-in is missing (has not happened).

2. Late Check-in

Indicates when sitters have checked-in later than the scheduled visit time. If your scheduling operates on the basis of “time blocks” such that the scheduled visit time is at the discretion of the sitter (within the boundaries of any given time block), then you may want to disable or switch off this notification (which you can do).

3. Short Service

Indicates when the actual time spent delivering the service is less than that specified by the service.

4. Check-in / out Locations too far apart

When a sitter checks-in or checks-out at a location that is a considerable distance away from the clients address.

This notification indicates that travelling time has been added to the visit time, thus hiding the true amount of actual time the sitter is spending at the clients location.

5. Job not yet checked out

When a sitter checks-in and then does not check-out.

New Automated Time Tracking 

Solution >


Uses GPS data to create time sheet data.

If your sitters use GPS check-in / check-out at the beginning and the end of each visit, then for each visit a “start time” and an “end time” is recorded. Pet Sitter Plus uses this information to generate a time sheet for each sitter.

Automatically calculates travelling time.

In Pet Sitter Plus you can now define a standard amount of travelling time for each sitter which the system uses to calculate the total travelling time.

Time Summary & Export.

Pet Sitter Plus will create a summary & detailed timesheet containing visit time and travelling time for each pet sitter and export this for Payroll.

New Features at a Glance

New Insightful GPS Notifications & Reporting >

Understand more about how your staff are performing by using the new "Staff Activity" report.

This report contains 5 extremely powerful GPS notifications which combine to deliver the richest and best information about staff performance available today.


New Time Tracking, Recording & Reporting >

Take the headache out of paying hourly.

This integrated time tracking system turns GPS data into time-sheet data creating accurate time-sheets automatically. For staff paid hourly, your service time and journey time is now tracked and recorded automatically as a by product of GPS tracking.


Terms & Conditions Management >

Huge admin saving and peace of mind!

Clients are required to sign your terms and conditions before accessing their online account.


Recording History of Emails Sent >

Information about emails at your fingertips.

In release 5.7 there is now a record of the date and time that emails are sent recorded in the client LOGS

Auto-assigning Requests to Orders >

Making Order Processing more manageable.

Order notepads are now available in list format on the job request processing screen making it easier to manage large volumes of pending service requests.

Ignore Service Start >

Schedule internal services that do not affect your billing date.

If you schedule internal services on an order, and you do not want them to trigger billing of the order, use the "Ignore Service Start" function on the advanced tab of the service items to tell Pet Sitter Plus to ignore the service for the purpose of triggering billing.


Splitting the Address into Multiple Lines >

To facilitate this future functionality you can now choose to format any address record so that each address element appears in its own line in the database, as opposed to the whole address appearing in a single field.

Compensation Report >

All Staff on One Screen

Scanning for compensation information and issues is now made easier. View all compensation for all staff in one long list.


Receipts Report "by Area" >

When updating QuickBooks or reporting to your accountant you may need to analyse your cash receipts by “Area”.




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