How do I pay my contractors and employees?

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Pet Sitter Plus supports employee and contractor payment models with a flexible “per service” compensation system for contractors and a separate time recording system for hourly paid employees.

Pet Sitter Plus is so flexible you can mix and match hourly paid employees with “per service” based contractors all in the same system.

Time Recording & Shifts for Employees

If you are switching to an hourly paid employee model, the Pet Sitter Plus time recording system uses check-in and check-out data to easily create accurate employee timesheets with little additional effort from employees. The addition of our shift system also means that non-chargeable time – such as lunch breaks – can easily be excluded from the timesheet. Timesheet data is used to calculate hourly payments (outside of Pet Sitter Plus) and also helps manage compliance with the minimum wage.

Compensation Report

Suitable for contractors or employees, the compensation report contains payment information for staff paid on a “per service” basis.

Powerful compensation conditions stored in Pet Sitter Plus mean that your staff can be paid at different rates depending on many criteria including length of service, day of the week, public holidays, type of service, time of day etc.

The compensation report provides a useful summary of payments owed to staff with easy access to detailed information for each employee or contractor.

Staff Activity Report

If you are already an employer or thinking about an employee model, we recommend taking a closer look at our Staff Activity Report. Not only is it a great place to monitor how each staffer is progressing with their day, but it also contains accurate summary timesheet information which is generated using check-in and check-out data captured during the working day.

The staff activity report can break down total time recorded into service time and travel time if required and the powerful shift system will ensure that non-chargeable time – such as lunch breaks – are excluded from the daily timesheet.

For employees paid on a “per service” basis where there is also a requirement to ensure that the minimum wage has been observed, a combination of the compensation report and the staff activity report will work well for your business. While the compensation report provides the “per service” payment information, the accurate timesheet data in the staff activity report will provide everything a business owner needs to ensure compliance with the minimum wage.

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