Which clients are new? Who have I lost?

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Every pet sitting business needs to sign up new clients in order to grow and it's also really important to understand which clients you might have lost over time. Pet Sitter Plus helps you to analyse new and lost clients with three comprehensive reports.

New Clients Report

A new client appears on the new client report on the date they first order a service. This will help you to assess how many new clients you have signed in any given period and analyse when new clients first start using your service.

Client Inactivity Report

This report shows clients that have been inactive between any given dates. You can then understand which clients have not used your service for any given period of time.

Last Client Service Report

When a client has ceased using your service, often they do not tell you but there might be things you need to do such as return keys or write to them. This report tells you when any client last used your service, so that you can instigate any appropriate lost client procedures as required.

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