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Times to suit your business

Full-service pet sitting businesses typically provide a wide range of services including solo dog walking, group walking, home visits, day care and overnights/home boarding. Because we understand your requirements, Pet Sitter Plus is configurable to accommodate 24 hours services, 12 hour services, services that start at a specific time and/or services that start sometime within a time block such as 2:00 to 4:00pm. With Pet Sitter Plus there is no “one size fits all” scheduling method – you have the flexibility to configure services your way.

Schedule using Time Blocks

Often, allowing your clients to request a service at a specific time can lead to concerns about scheduling conflicts or miss-set expectations of service delivery. If that is true for one or more of your services, then you will love our “time blocks” function that limits the client request options to a series of pre-set “time windows” created by you during setup (eg. 2:00pm – 4:00pm).

Schedule using Time of Day or Night

There are times when you might need to allow your clients to request certain services at a specific time. For example, medication visits for a cat might crucially need to be administered at 10am and again at 4pm. So when “Time Blocks” are not appropriate, Pet Sitter Plus also supports specific “Time” based scheduling for those time sensitive booking requirements.

Schedule 12 and 24 Hour Services

For businesses who offer dog boarding, overnights or dog day care the requirement is to schedule a service that might last 12 or 24 hours. In this case our “Anytime” or “all day” time types will enable your clients to book services that last for 12 or 24 hours duration.

Using Time with Time Blocks to indicate Service Start Time

Some schedulers like to control the order in which services are completed by their sitters so Pet Sitter Plus supports the (optional) specification of an exact time for a service to start even if time blocks are in use. With Pet Sitter Plus schedulers are able to control the timing of the delivery of services to a very high degree of accuracy and communicate this easily to sitters using the staff dashboard. Equally, time can be hidden, leaving sitters to use their own common sense in deciding the best way to approach their services for the day.

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