Registering Multiple Keys

Multiple keys can be registered against each client account and given a reference. Keys that are assigned to a sitter are clearly identifiable and the recent movements of all keys is tracked.

Required Keys List for Pet Sitters

Each pet sitter is able to view a list of the keys that they need to complete their future scheduled work. Depending on the way the system is configured, sitters may be permitted to assign keys to themselves or other sitters to support the model where sitters meet up to exchange keys in the field. Equally, sitters may not have this privilege when key admin is all handled centrally.

Required Keys List for Admin

If you like to take control of key management centrally you will love our “Required Keys List” for administrators. This report provides a list of all keys that are “required” by each sitter in order that they can successfully complete their days schedule and you can re-allocate keys easily from the list.

Keys Status Icons and the Schedule

The key management system is fully integrated into every necessary part of Pet Sitter Plus which of course includes the master admin schedule. A green key icon means that the right key is with the right person whereas a red key icon serves as a warning that the required key is not yet in the right place.