Due to improvements in the way banks are now able to communicate with payment processors, the details of credit / debits cards can now be communicated directly to payment processors by banks. This means that when an old card expires or is subject to fraud, the details of the new card can be provided to the payment processor (Stripe) such that the client does not have to manually update their card details in Pet Sitter Plus.


When clients receive a replacement credit or debit card, the details of that card (including the 16 digit number and the expiry date) will (in many cases) be automatically updated in Stripe. This is not guaranteed to happen in every case, but will happen in many cases.

This means that when Pet Sitter Plus attempts to take payment from a card that appears to have expired, new details that might be available could enable the payment to go through. When this is the case, Pet Sitter Plus will automatically be updated with the new card details.


In this new release of Pet Sitter Plus, the green “S” (that is used to indicate when a valid card is present) will no longer disappear if a card has passed its expiry date. This change has been made because often, replacement card details will be available online enabling the transaction to go through, even if the card on file looks as if it has expired.

If replacement card details are available, then at the time of making a payment, Pet Sitter Plus will be updated with the new details so that the new expiry date and the last 4 digits of the 16 digit card number will be available in Pet Sitter Plus and the client will not be required to provide these new details manually.



As “automatic card updating” becomes more widely used by banks, more and more card details will be automatically updated. If you habitually use the “Stripe” report to inform clients of expiring cards, you may well find that at some point in the not too distant future you are asking your clients to provide their new card details when those details would otherwise be updated automatically.


Eventually we expect the “Stripe” report in Pet Sitter Plus to become redundant.


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