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Image of richard booty CEO of Pet Sitter Plus dog walker software

Laura Salmon

Software Coach & Support Analyst, UK

Laura brings over two decades of business administration expertise to her role as a software coach at Pet Sitter Plus. Her journey into the world of pet sitting began with a shift in focus after starting a family where she soon found herself providing invaluable support to a prominent large pet care enterprise. In this role she was managing a diverse set of tasks ranging from marketing to admin systems operation.

It was during this time that Laura encountered Pet Sitter Plus, and witnessed first-hand its transformative impact on the business. As she delved into implementing PSP, she could see how it streamlined processes and alleviated the burdens of administration on the team. Inspired by the efficiencies it brought to the company, Laura was eager to contribute her insights and experiences to the PSP team.

Laura notes, "I've always worked for busy companies - those small, local, customer-facing businesses where versatility is key. One minute you're handling accounts, the next you're diving into marketing, and then you have to respond to a customer service matter and so on. Implementing Pet Sitter Plus opened my eyes to the potential for time saving in scheduling and administration.

With a passion for refining systems and processes, Laura is thrilled to embark on her new role as a software coach and support analyst with Pet Sitter Plus. Her extensive experience and dedication to enhancing operational efficiency make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Laura Salmon

Life Saver!

"Saves me a lot of time with scheduling and an excellent way
to invoice clients. They continue to update the software and add
new features. I love it, I cannot imagine running my business
without this it."

Caroline L

Urban Paw Print

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