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Happy Tails - West Yorkshire - UK


Leanne Holgate


"I'm so glad I found Pet Sitter Plus (PSP), I really didn't know what I had been missing out on! It really does take the stress out of owning a dog walking business.


The customer service, training and support is absolutely outstanding - very friendly, patient and clear, and the features of the service are amazing and really has transformed my business.


Not only does it help with my diary system and invoicing, which literally takes minutes to complete each month and keeps everything orderly and clear (rather than paper work everywhere and stressing out all the time!), it also helps me keep a track of jobs and my staff, which gives me complete peace of mind knowing that they are all working as they should, furthermore, my customers are absolutely loving having their own online accounts, booking jobs and viewing their payment history. By far one of the main benefits is the professional outlook this software has given my business.


New customers can't believe how professional I am, and are extremely reassured by the check in and out system. It's definitely a selling point and makes me stand out from any competition.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend PSP - you will never look back!"


Leanne Holgate, Happy Tails, West Yorkshire.


PetPals Grantham - UK


Wendy Turner


PSP has really freed up my time, having previously spent at least 20 hours a month on managing client bookings, the staff diary, wages and holidays, invoicing, reconciling accounts, bank payments etc. I now find myself in the truly fabulous position of having clawed back at least 18 hours of my time – which is now directed positively into my business. I can only describe PSP as a liberating experience, freeing up not just time, but most importantly energy for the business.


Clients prefer the itemised invoices and precise statements.


Staff love being able to view their diary online, plus can see at a glance if any additional changes are made to schedule. It saves them and me texting or emailing any acknowledgements as they are viewable to both staff and administrators alike. The system also cuts down on the “I didn't get text/email scenario”.


The service and support are second to none and I am happy to recommend PSP to any future enquirer. So much so that at our AGM myself and another franchisee gave a brief presentation and as a result more franchisees have joined with the possibility of more adding PSP to their business in the future.


PSP is definitely my favourite purchase this year, what else can you buy that is more important than time for your business?

Toto Pet Services - Hove - East Sussex - UK


Simon Livingston


I just wanted to thank the PSP team.

We have now been using PSP for about 6 months and it has transformed our business beyond belief. I can not believe that we managed before without using the amazing software.


Our customer feedback has been so positive and they really love using the system. New customers who register tell us that PSP is brilliant and easy to use. As we promote the PSP registering on our website I believe we have achieved more business as customers like to actively book and organise their needs.


For myself PSP has given me back many hours of free time as before I would spend so much time on bookings, invoicing, emails and phone calls. I highly recommend PSP to anyone with a small or big business. A professional and easy to use system.

Thanks for all the support we have been given so far. It's so reassuring to know that you are always there and we always have a quick response from you.


Walking The Dog - North Sheilds - UK


Gavin Chilvers


Following a 30-day trial period, which really lets you get to grips with the software and use every aspect of it, and through reading the very helpful and regular email hints, tips and advice that the company sends, I very quickly realised that this was the software for me.


Petsitter plus has allowed me to free up my time and spend more of this with my family, whilst allowing me to put into effect expansion plans.


I am now totally confident in expanding the business knowing that Petsitter Plus will take care of the extra administration required with ease and efficiency.


So would how would I rate Petsitter Plus - highly, it's a business lifesaver.

Situpet - Ferndown - Dorset - UK


Tracey Black


I am so pleased that I found Pet Sitter Plus. It has saved me a lot of time and the small cost involved is worth every penny even in my small, part time business.


It is easy to use especially after my initial tutorial and all my queries have been answered promptly and curteously.


The invoices look very professional and my clients appreciate the ease of finding payment details.


The diary is invaluable and using it on my tablet means that I don't have to take loads of paperwork everywhere with me.


Thank you very much.

Chasing Tails - Brighton & Hove - UK


Luisa Niven


When I first called Pet Software it was because I needed a solution for invoicing. Creating my invoices was taking me at least 5 hours and I was getting really fed up. I used to cut information out of a spreadsheet and paste it into a word document and then have to save the results and email or post the invoice to my client. Each invoice took me about 10 minutes to produce but now it takes seconds. In fact I can do them all in about 5 minutes in a single batch.


My clients love the invoices and it has raised the profile of my business.


My favourite part of the system? - That's easy - the diary - I love to be able to see what my business is earning over time, but this is closely followed by Invoicing.

SuPaw Nanny - Bishops Stortford - Hertfordshire - UK


Stacy Cotton


''Having initially reached out to Pet Sitter Plus because I needed a simpler solution for my businesses invoicing, I'm delighted to say it exceeded my every expectation.


Having impressed me on multiple levels, it's become my most valuable business resource - proving to be worth the investment without any shadow of doubt.


Not only does it save me time and effort in terms of regular monthly invoicing but now that invoicing is linked to the online diary, I also have all the recurring work for my entire business scheduled, all the invoices created and my latest schedules available on my Smartphone - all in under 30 seconds!


The “App” style interface gives me access to all my client, pet and visit information anywhere, anytime, via my Smartphone. This also means that I can continue scheduling work on the move - just another of the great time saving features of Pet Sitter Plus.


Also, keeping on track of my finances has never been easier. Pet Sitter Plus has a comprehensive suite of reporting toolswhich means I am able to keep up to date with unpaid invoices, receipts and revenue etc.


But best of all is how the software has raised the profile of my business, my clients are delighted when they find out about their very own portal - that gives them access to view and pay their invoices securely online.


Comments on how professional and efficient my business is, is constantly featuring in my client feedback. More over, it's just this kind of positive reaction that - when they share with their friends - ensures my business is placed at the forefront of a respected audience of prospective new clients.


In summary, the service, quality and attention to detail that Pet Sitter Plus affords its clients exceeds every expectation. It truly is the perfect complement to any pet sitting business - I'd be lost without it!''



Ani-Mates Pet Care - Addlestone - Surrey - UK


Stuart Arnold


I’d been running my business for about 5 years and had been thinking about how I could improve on my admin. My system before used a paper diary, and a crude Word document / Excel spreadsheet system which was like hard labour each month and took me a dog’s age (pun intended!) to complete. Instead of enjoying the fact I was getting paid, I used to find myself putting it off as it was such a boring evenings work. Last year I took the plunge and signed up, so wish I’d done it sooner! Since using this system I love the way I can send all the bills out at a stroke at the end of each month, using a professional looking invoice and email detailing everything I want to say without having to write it out again and again.


I’m also loving the fact that when a client rings up to change a booking or add a days walk etc. I can adjust the diary quickly using the phone app. It means it’s just done and I can stop worrying if the end of month figures add up, as it’s automatically taken care of.


Richard was excellent in the beginning with helping me get used to setting my account up, and for the most part I’ve been able to carry on quite happily. On occasion I’ve had to query how to do something he’s got straight back to me with a concise answer which is just what you want…


No hesitation in recommending this product - Just get it !



Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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