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Animal Companions - Sidcup - Kent - UK


Nicola Redfern


Pet Sitter Plus has been a great asset to my growing pet care business. It has enabled me to be much more organised (something I wasn't great at prior to getting the Pet Sitter Plus software).


My clients have given me lovely feedback on how professional their invoices and quotes now look. I can see my weekly, monthly and end of year income at the touch of a couple of keys, so no more arduous calculating and spreadsheets on the sales side of things which has freed up a lot of my time.


I can also easily book work for clients much further in advance which is fantastic as I already have bookings for 2015 (before, future bookings went into a pad until I had the paper diary for the prospective year so I was always doubling my paperwork).


Richard was great with showing me how everything worked and continues to be very helpful and offers support as and when I need it.


I can honestly say I'm extremely happy to have Pet Sitter Plus helping me with the day to day running of my business. I have more than doubled my client base since I started using the software.




Pawgeous Pooches - Epsom - Surrey - UK


Angeline Suratia



Struggling with my paper diary, I was seeking an electronic programme/software that could help. After carrying out a small amount of research (when I say small... I looked at 3 other companies within 5 minutes), I had a gut feeling that Pet Sitter Plus was the right software to support Pawgeous Pooches. It felt like a relief that such a programme existed. As I read more and more information about the software I was ecstatic about what else it could help me with – diary schedule, client and pet information, invoicing, receipts, revenue, expenses, employee pay, prices and details of services, and lots of statistical data including a breakdown of which service groups create the most revenue in the form of a table and a pie chart... which I love being a previous College Lecturer. A well thought out tool to help you to see your monthly progress. I now set myself goals for each month.


I admit it, I am a business addict and for anyone who is self-employed, they probably are too! Therefore one of the utmost important factors I consider when using a supporting company is the customer service. Right from the initial point of contact Richard and Pam have been there, nothing is too big or small. Richard is friendly, approachable and he makes everything you ask feel important. When I liaised with Richard to book a telephone conference he was happy to book in an early morning breakfast meeting. I appreciate the flexibility in contact hours as between the hours of 11:30-16:30 I am non-stop on-the-go. Throughout the set up Richard was patient and it gave us an opportunity to build up a great working rapport. The set up period was about 1-1 ½ hours and Richard went through everything but he specifically focused on individualising the services and prices that Pawgeous Pooches offer. After I added all of the necessary data, Richard was kind enough to book in yet another breakfast meeting to answer a few questions I had and helped with working out employee compensation against rules e.g. bank holiday rate of pay. I managed to set up my whole system records including my client list in 5 days and if you require additional instructions the tutorials have been well thought out using videos or screenshots. All of this was included in the 30-day free trial.


My clients now, not only love my website but the way that they are invoiced and can track their payments. I use to ask my clients to sign their invoices, this was time consuming and getting them back was a nightmare. My clients have also mentioned that they like that they can track their account balance showing how much each client has paid and how much is outstanding. Pet Sitter Plus allows you to issue receipts so you can clearly track how and when a client has paid. This has come in handy when a client questions how much they still have outstanding. The majority of invoices are sent via email so it cuts down on printing costs but you can still raise invoices if a client does not have an email address.


My employees are able to see their job schedule and how much they will get on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I like that the employee can acknowledge each job and then mark it as completed so I know that they are aware of the jobs that they have. It acts as a great reminder and I am able to track my employees’ rough whereabouts from a safety point of view. Pet Sitter Plus runs from an online hosting environment meaning that all data is backed up and it can be accessed on multiple devices – a clever tool for on-the-go employees.


Richard has firsthand experience of how a pet business operates and this is another fundamental reason why I believe Pet Sitter Plus serves Pawgeous Pooches better than other companies. Thank you for developing my favourite support tool!


Century Pet Care - Bourne - Lincolnshire - UK


Tracey Longmuir


Being the new kid on the block and having only been in Pet Care a few months, Pet Sitter Plus software has been invaluable.


After a slow start Isis is now seeing rapid growth and the software has kept me organised, commercially aware and gives a professional feel to my customers who are happy for the regular updates on their account.


Thanks for such great support throughout my time with you.

Pet Sitting Pixie - Aberdeen - UK


Lenise Stephen


Having set up my business and being a one man band, no employees etc, everything fell to me to be done. All animal cover and all the paperwork. I soon found myself getting weighed down with the paperwork side of things. Friday nights were spent with my head in my diary counting out who had, had what and for how long. This was so time consuming and not what I wanted to to do every Friday night.


Then came along Richard with Pet Sitter Plus. I couldn’t believe it was going to be so easy to use, as I’m not that great with computers. I took the 30 day trial and Richard guided me through this, with great patience. The back up form Pet Sitter Plus is fantastic, I have never felt alone. There’s always someone at the end of a phone or send an email, whichever you prefer.


Pet Sitter Plus has everything you will need to set up and run your business, whether large or small. Pet Sitter Plus is also constantly updating their services which in turn makes running my business easier and less time consuming. 


I can’t thank Richard and his team enough for their dedication and support.


Forest Pet Services - Southampton - Hampshire - UK


Deborah Cole


In 2012 two big things happened: we discovered Pet Sitter Plus, and took on our first employee. The two complimented each other, as we could manage bookings and client details more effectively, and train our employee (and ourselves!) from the start on using the system.


We loved suddenly being able to easily pull up records for any given date to monitor revenue, to check staff pay and client data. We also liked being able to produce professional looking invoices for clients, instead of writing by hand in our old carbon invoice book!


Pet Sitter Plus has since become a very valuable tool for day to day running of the business and has enabled us to embrace new working practices confidently. Since 2012 the business has continued to grow steadily and we now have 4 part time members of staff. Without Pet Sitter Plus the business would by now be immersed in a muddle of paper diaries, spreadsheets and having to contact each member of staff every morning with a list of their jobs plus details of all clients – phew! 


A recent comment from a client perhaps sums it up: “Utterly thrilled with the professionalism of Forest Pet Services”


Pet Sitter Plus’ system, and the personal advice and support given by Richard, has helped us no end towards this goal.



Take The Lead - Ash - Hampshire - UK


Karina Lynch


We began our pet sitting business in March 2013 and by May we were pulling our hair out trying to stay on top of our paper diary with the constant changes, amendments and multiple bookings. We then came across Pet Sitter Plus in June and it has changed the way we do things ever since, I couldn't imagine what we would do if we didn't have it to rely on!


The software has not only made our diary easy and manageable it has also cut down our paperwork and admin time with client registration and invoicing. The clients always comment on how professional the booking and invoicing system is and it allows us to be really flexible making amendments.


We started out with the basics as a one man band and have grown to a thriving company with several members of staff and the software upgrade has supported this.


The initial trial period and the set up training was invaluable to get to grips with the software and all the benefits it has. Despite it's many features it was easy to learn and very user friendly.


Since setting up we have always been able to rely on the team for support if we have had any questions. I can highly recommend Pet Sitter Plus and found it to be one of the best software systems around.



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