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Acklam Pet Care - Middlesborough - Cleveland - UK


Stuart French


About a year after starting my new pet sitting business I worked out that it was taking me 3 - 4 hours to invoice my customers through Paypal. I took a 30 day trial of Pet Sitter Plus and found that my weekly invoicing could be completed in minutes!


Another benefit I found was that my customers switched from Paypal payment to Direct Credit which was much cheaper. I found I was saving £20 - £30 per month plus my time!


As I became more confident in the software I took Richard's advice and switched to monthly invoicing. The switch was simple and my customers much prefer it as they are only receiving one invoice per month, saving them time making weekly payments. Some of my customers still pay me weekly by cash but Pet Sitter Plus makes it simple allocating the payments once the customer is invoiced.


The Diary is my favourite feature as before I got Pet Sitter Plus my Diary was a mess. It was a huge job each week to write up the Diary to schedule the jobs, then customers would cancel or add jobs leaving a difficult and messy Diary to follow. I used to worry about missing a job or failing to invoice it. Pet Sitter Plus took away all that.


When I encounter a problem a quick email delivers a speedy response from the help desk and you always receive an explanation in plain and simple terms not jargon.


Pet Sitter Plus has allowed me to grow my business by allowing me to focus my attention on the service we provide rather than be bogged down by administration and accounts. I cannot recommend Pet Sitter Plus highly enough.


Thank you and keep up the great work!




Time 4 Paws - Woodbridge - Suffolk - UK


Cass Davies



I have always used a spreadsheet to keep my records, and didn’t really see the need to change. I have a small business, no employees and a regular list of clients. Out of curiosity though, I gave Pet Sitter Plus a try and am so pleased that I did. It does exactly what I want it to, and more. It gives me information I didn’t even know I needed!


Richard gave me excellent support when I first started experimenting with the software, and help is only a call away if needed, but to be honest, I find the software very easy to use.


My customers are very impressed with the professional invoices they now receive. The software allows me to keep an excellent track of the various changes of request that some of my customers give me. I have a few customers whose dogs I walk Monday to Friday every week. If there is a change in circumstance, and I need to board the dog for a day or two, I enter this in the programme and the next months’ invoice is adjusted accordingly, giving me and my customer a very clear record of any amended charges.


I love the fact that I can see at a glance, exactly what my work schedule is for the coming weeks or month. Financially, I can also see exactly what my earnings are, and will be in the near future.


It’s so refreshing to have a piece of software designed by people who know exactly what you’ll need from it, rather than people who only ‘think’ they know.


Thank you!!

The Pet People - Hare Hatch - UK


Sam Barnard


I had been running the Pet People for a couple of years and had just one employee. The company was growing and I was managing it using Excel mainly then putting the schedule onto Google docs. I made numerous mistakes every month and found it difficult to track invoicing and paying my employee. When Pet Sitter plus offered me the free trial I was very sceptical, I thought it was not going to be worth the money and that I would try it for a month and say " I told you so!"


This was not the case however, I very quickly saw the time saving benefits, the professional image it gave my clients and the ease with which my staff could access their schedules. The support has been faultless, very quick responses to any problems I've had, 90% of which were down to my own errors! My business has been able to grow and to continue to function even when I've had very limited time to manage it due to my growing family.


I'd fully recommend Pet Sitter Plus to any pet business who wants to provide a more professional service to their customers.

Potton Pet Sitting Services - Sandy - Bedfordshire - UK


Janette Carter


When I started Potton Pet Sitting Services and first heard of Pet sitter Plus I did not think that it would be relevant to me as a sole trader just setting up. It looked a fantastic system and I went through all the videos and kept looking at the site every time I came across references to it. It always had glowing reviews. I coveted it greatly I must admit but still kept plugging away at my manual systems telling myself I couldn't really justify it at my level of business. Then suddenly life got busy. I think in the end I only spent about a week frantically juggling things around and running round in circles until I caved in and admitted I needed help. And I knew exactly where to go for it!


Pet Sitter Plus was every thing I had read. A fast professional response it gave me everything I needed. Richard talked me patiently through the set up over the phone. I am not particularly computer literate - that probably became evident to him very quickly - but he wasn't fazed at all and I quickly grew confident around the system.


The customer support given is fantastic I never feel embarrassed to phone up for help no matter how trivial the question is.


Pet Sitter Plus is great. It would be a product I would advise people starting out to get right from the beginning. It just takes care of so much for you and lets you have that extra time to promote your business.


I find the scheduling facility and diary invaluable and the invoices give a professional touch. I also find PSP mobile very useful. And it is so easy and quick to use.


Although I am a small business it has always been my aim to offer a high quality personal and professional service and Pet Sitter Plus has enabled me to do just that.



Harrisons Dogs - London - UK


Peter Harrison


"I have been using Petsitter software for three months now.“It does what it says on the tin” and more.


I have a small bespoke dog walking service in London. Gone are the days of writing in and carrying around a tatty old diary. I can see my schedule from my mobile phone for that day, week and any month I choose.


Each month I used to spend over an hour typing up invoices. Now it takes me literally 2 minutes (if that).


Using my mobile phone I can see all my clients details, address, phone numbers, vet details, emergency contacts and it will even show me a map of where the client is.


When I ask for support and help, they reply in plain English very quickly.


One of the best things I have done was to take up the 30 day free trail, now I’m hooked for life."

TRACS - Ascot - Berkshire - UK


Lynda Polhill




I just love Pet Sitter Plus I used to spend ages going through my diary for the year and ruling of sections for Day Care, Boarding, Walking and Home Visits now its all so easy and the beauty of it is I don,t have to spend ages on accounts each month either just a click and they are all done it,s fantastic.


I find the help and back up I get is brilliant too Richard and his staff are so patient with the technology illiterate like me and will spend time going through things that I don't understand.


The software is really easy to use and I will never go back to slogging over a diary or accounts again. It even makes me consider more seriously taking on helpers as I will not have to struggle with time sheets and working out pay.


My customers love the invoicing and the fact that I can email a copy of the dates I have put in my diary or an estimate to them instantly.


Keep up the good work Pet Sitters Plus team



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