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Fulbourn Feline Services - Cambridge - UK


Sarah Hayns


I first heard about Pet Sitter Plus through their regular newsletters. I was quite impressed with the look of the product but, as a sole trader with no staff, I thought I could get by with the Access database I had built and thought I could continue typing my own invoices. However, several months after starting my business, I soon discovered my system was time-consuming and prone to error or even complete failure.


As my Access database started to grow I began to worry about it crashing or my PC hard drive dying. I also wanted to be able to access data from my mobile and tablet and therefore started thinking about storing my database in the ‘cloud’.


After much research I decided Pet Sitter Plus was by far the best option for me. I had numerous questions when I first contacted Richard Booty at Pet Sitter Plus. I was seeking reassurance that my data would be secure, safe and accessible 24/7 from any of my devices. I also wanted to make sure the system was highly reliable and that risks of downtime would be minimal. Any doubts I had were totally laid to rest and I was extremely impressed by the thoroughness with which all my concerns were dealt with.


I took up the offer of a free one month trial and was hooked instantly! Looking back I can’t believe that I was typing each invoice out and having to double-check figures against my database to make sure I was billing the correct amount. Even with my relatively slow-throughput business, this was wasting a lot of time.


The level of support and personal touch provided by Pet Sitter Plus is second to none and I thoroughly recommend this software to anyone setting up a pet sitting / dog walking business. I waited 8 months before switching to Pet Sitter Plus but in retrospect I should have started using the system as soon as bookings began rolling in.


If I get to the stage where I want to expand the business and take on staff, the Pet Sitter Plus software provides a framework which makes expansion so much easier. It solves numerous logistical issues and removes many obstacles that could prevent a single operator from taking on staff. All in all fantastic customer support (any queries have been responded to within 24 hours but often within a matter of minutes) and great value for money!




Home Loved Pet Sitting & Dog Walking - Crewe - Cheshire - UK


Maureen Stocks



I have now been using Pet sitters plus software for The last six months and I can honestly say it has made my business money !


It's simple effective and fast ! I can update customer records easily, send accurate invoices and book or change jobs within seconds This freedom has given me and my business more time to do the job I love rather then spending hours at my PC and paper diary.


The accounting system is superb. Myself and my staff can see at a glance what we are earning day week or monthly as required.


I believe this system has enabled my business to grow . I love it !!

Muddy Paws Huddersfield - Huddersfield - UK


Jill Crowther


We have been using Pet Sitter Plus for the past 4 months and I cannot recommend this software highly enough. From set up to implementation the team at Pet software have provided exceptional support throughout and it has now become invaluable to our business.


I am no longer bogged down in admin work, writing out invoices, receipts, scheduling jobs by hand in the diary, it's all very time consuming when you have a successful pet services business and you are running on a manual system.


Using Pet Sitter Plus has opened up great potential to grow and expand our business due to the online scheduling system which updates in real time meaning our employees are able to remotely access their work load for each day.


My clients love the new system, they receive professional looking quotes, invoices and receipts which are all easily issued from our end with a few clicks of the mouse.


As if all that isn't enough.... If you are new to the pet services business, becoming a premium subscriber to Pet Sitter Plus will give you access to essential comprehensive templates for you to adapt to suit your own business, including client interview forms, legal contracts and manuals. These documents if nothing else will be worth their weight in gold to your fledgling business!

Animals At Home - Isle of Wight - UK


Alice Winter


We have found Pet Sitter Plus an invaluable tool to the delivery of our pet sitting services. As veterinary nurses we knew we needed a software package that was similar to the one we used in the vets so that we could control and track our bookings and keep all our client details for safe and easy access.


Fortunately we were told about Pet Sitter Plus and within the first week of running our business we had made contact and set up a demonstration. Once we saw it being used and had the package explained to us we knew it was just what we wanted and even simpler to use than our veterinary systems!.


Since then we have never regretted using it and in fact we often just think what we would have done without it when all the calls for bookings etc flood in and you are having a busy day. We couldn't do it without Pet Sitter Plus Diane and I say!!


We find it saves us a great deal of admin time and even our accountant has found it easy to use for year end data. When we mention to our clients that we can provide a quote, send an invoice and take payments all on line they often just say “ oh good” and regularly e mail bookings and pay directly on line, quick easy and accurate. So far we have not missed a booking using Pet Sitter Plus – always a worry when you rely on hand entries into a paper diary


Our staff despite being computer-phobes have latched onto how we use it and have a regular diary of their jobs to view which they like and find easy to access. Again taking the worry away of missing a job !


We cant say enough about the support and level of service we get from the Pet Sitter Plus team. It is amazing. If you report a problem often within minutes they will be back to you by phone or e mail ready to help and sort things out. In addition they are very receptive to your views and ideas for improvements and the package has developed rapidly.


We give it 5 star rating !!


Bodhi's Dog Walking Service - Nairn - UK


Lynsey Milne


Pet sitter plus is a fabulous help to my business and so simple to get the hang of. I'm still finding new things that make my life easier and less trouble than a diary and pen!


I'm a sole trader so have no staff but find it invaluable and the support, if you do need it, is first rate.


My customers find it great that they have the opportunity to pay in a way that suits them and have the facility to check their account whenever they want.

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Holywood - Holywood - N. Ireland - UK


Jan Black


I was offered a free trial of PSP three years ago. I can honestly say that it does everything it says it can do and more!.  After using it for one day I was never going to give it up. The support from the team at Pet Software was and is excellent.


It is easy to use and I love the daily, weekly, monthly yearly diary view which keeps a record of all my jobs and the income made each day.


Once I have booked a job in I can send a quote or email direct to the customer with the touch of a button saving me hours of time and the clients like the professional format.


I also find the mobile application really useful when I am out and about. Great for when I have forgotten an alarm code or need to review pet details etc.


PSP is worth every penny and saves me countless hours of admin. Thank you Richard and team.



Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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