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Paradise Pets & Homes - Surbiton - UK


Jo Hamid


Finding Pet Sitter Software had been a Godsend and it has made a massive difference to the way we run our business.


Before using Pet Sitter Plus, we had 2 major issues:


- one of the main services we provide is a small animal boarding service and to support this we have between 30 and 35 hutches at our premises (of 3 different sizes). Managing the bookings was a major headache, especially during our busy seasons. It was taking a lot of our time and our system was far from efficient. Pet Sitter Plus has solved that issue for us instantly: we just need to record the bookings, and our schedule is automatically generated for us. Pet Sitter Plus now tells us exactly how many hutches are occupied at any given time.


- the other critical administrative task that was also taking a lot of our time was the invoices. We used to create them all manually, and as our business expanded, we found ourselves spending more and more time just generating invoices (without mentioning the amount of stationery we had to go through!). Now with Pet Sitter Plus, invoices are generated in a split second and emailed to the customers.


Pet Sitter Plus has allowed us to manage our business much more quickly and effectively, allowing us to spend more time doing what we do best: looking after our furry guests!


We would highly recommend Pet Sitter Plus to any pet sitting businesses. We cannot stress enough all the benefits of using it (ease of use, schedule management, information at your fingertip, improved communication with customers etc). We could not imagine ourselves running our business without it."




Taylor's Pet Services - Peacehaven - UK


Kelly Taylor



When I came across Pet Sitter Plus I was amazed when I watched the videos on their website because I was looking at a system that did exactly what I wanted it to do so I signed up for the free trial.


Now that I have the system installed - If I assign a job to one of my pet sitters they know about it straight away and they can all see exactly what they are earning. Also they get access to all the client and pet information, so if I need to move a job from one person to another, this is now easy. I don’t even have to think about it because every bit of information required to complete a job is on the system.


The system emails out a professional invoice and statement each month and these take me seconds to produce and my problems calculating staff salaries have also gone away. I have been asked how much time I think I have saved overall and I think it is around 36 hours a month and instead of spending my Saturday morning doing admin I now spend it getting back to customers and improving my marketing.


Customers love the system too – even my older clients have commented on my snazzy new invoicing system and many people have commented on how easy and efficient my service is to use. Pet Software is a great company to deal with. They are not a big company and they really make me feel like I am important to them.


I would recommend Pet Sitter Plus to anyone.

Coastal Villages Pet Care - Hemsby - Norfolk - UK


Sue Eltringham


Pet Sitter Plus has enabled me to keep track of all my invoices correctly and quickly. I can easily see a list of monthly client receipts and more importantly for me I can actually do my books each month.


It is invaluable for my scheduling and the mobile site is fantastic when I am out and about. Now when I get a call from a customer, I can confirm availability immediately and follow up when I get home.


I also use the quotes all the time to send to customers and I print them off when I do initial consultations and would find it really painful now to have to do all of this manually. It gives a lovely professional glossy touch and my customers really appreciate it.


I love being able to add/remove services to a customer file and adjust the pricing so easily. It all works automatically!


The level of support is great and whenever I have had a problem this has been resolved quickly and in a fashion I can understand.

Fur to Feathers Pet Sitting


Christine Jordan


After 4 years of running my dog boarding business writing invoices out by hand and working out fees etc I had had enough. It was a time consuming and boring job that was taking up almost as much time as the actual boarding business itself and so I decided to search online for a business program that would make my life easier. I looked at a couple and was largely unimpressed until I came across " Pet Sitter Plus".


I signed up for the free trial and although it took a while to load all my clients onto the site after that invoicing and keeping track of bookings has been so easy.The invoices are set out in a very clear and easy to understand way so both myself and the clients can see what has been done and what is owed.


The support has been second to none and the Pet Software team has always been there on the end of an email to help me out when I get stuck for which I am extremely grateful for. They take the time to explain each aspect thoroughly until I understand what I am doing.


I would recommend "Pet Sitter Plus" to anyone running a pet business.

The Dog Father - Southwest London - UK


Dom Makin


I found Pet Sitter Plus just in time when I was taking my dog walking business to the next level. I had been managing the business with a paper system and manual invoicing for 4 years. This was fine in the early days when the business was still quite small but I knew that in order to grow efficiently I would need to find a system that would look after the booking diary and the invoicing. I did a lot of research but kept coming back to Pet Sitter Plus.


I found Richard most helpful (and patient) as I had a lot of questions. So many in fact that I decided it would be worthwhile having a face to face consultancy with Richard for the day. This worked really well and I left knowing how to run the system and with all the info uploaded. New questions still come up from time to time and these are answered almost immediately on the same day which is really good and much appreciated.


Pet Sitter Plus allows me to work remotely when needed (holidays, office days,family days etc) and gives me full control of the business at all times. I run a team of 7 walkers  and they have all embraced it. The fact that they have access to all the information I need them to makes them much more effective, quicker to respond to last minute changes and less likely to miss something important.


I can also track how much they are earning so I can make sure bookings are divided up evenly and fairly.  The holiday form also helps me to ensure that not everyone is off at the same time. 


My clients are all impressed with the new look invoices and my cash flow is better because the invoices are literally fired off at the end of the month in a few minutes (rather than a few days). I can now track any late payers which is handy.


I have also used quite a few of the legal and employment contracts which has saved me a substantial amount of money. 


I know with Pet Sitter Plus I can continue to grow my business comfortable in the knowledge that it gives me total control as a management system because it has been designed specifically to do a job by people who understand and work in the business . I could not recommend it highly enough. 



Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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