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Genevieve's Pet Care, LLC - Minneapolis - Minnesota - USA


Genevieve Wachutka


I'm very happy with Pet Sitter Plus for my scheduling and invoicing needs. This product is very easy to use and has helped me manage my business and complete my administrative tasks much more quickly. 


Customers have said that the client portal and online payment system is super easy and slick.


My employees found the scheduling tool easy to use, and I appreciate being able to easily share the schedule, routine details, and pet information with my employees.


The support I've received from the Pet Sitter Plus team has been phenomenal. I was able to get started quickly, and they were very responsive to any questions I had.


I highly recommend Pet Sitter Plus to others looking for a streamlined tool to support their pet care business!

Curious Cat, Dozing Dog - Elkhorn - Nebraska - USA


Dawn Lusk


I started my business in 2011 and I was using Excel spreadsheets and a plain old paper notebook to keep track of my sales and client information. It used to take me so much time and effort to calculate my sales tax and revenue, and I could never keep track of my clients contact information. I was a complete organizational mess.


At the beginning of 2014, I decided I finally needed to come up with a solution, and thats where Pet Sitter Plus came to the rescue! I tried out several other software options, but none included the incredible customer support or had as many features as Pet Sitter Plus, and to top it off, Pet Sitter Plus was the most cost effective.


There are so many things that I love about the software, especially the financial charts and how the software links up with Paypal and offers Stripe as a payment option, and of course that I can view and update jobs from my phone.


The personal support is absolutely top notch. My clients are very excited about the Client Portal, and they love having their own online account that tracks invoices, current balances, etc.


I can't say enough about how much I love this software or how it has changed how I do business. Thank you Pet Sitter Plus!! 







Pupsicles - Denver - Colorado - USA


Carleigh Krug


As Pupsicles Dog Care began to grow, it became more and more evident that our outdated systems were no longer a solution. We were using a combination of google apps which fell way short and so it was down to me to fill in the gaps with my time. It was definitely time for a change.


I spent almost an entire year looking into different pet softwares. There always seemed to be an excuse to not take the plunge- customers hate change, what if it causes more problems then solutions, etc but in the end with the help of the amazing staff at Pet Sitter Plus, I received that “Peace of Mind” we pet industry clients strive for. 


I knew I could not be where I am today without the help of Pet Sitter Plus. The system has allowed me to grow strategically while centralizing my invoicing, client notes, and scheduling. I now feel like I am able to work on my business rather than just in it.


Thank you RIchard and Pet Sitter Plus for holding my hand and being the step Pupsicles needed.



We're There Pet Care - Chicago - Illinois - USA


Desi Djendova


Pet Sitter Plus is great!  The program handles tracking, scheduling, and billing in one integrated system.  Scheduling has never been easier; weekly billing of clients used to take hours and now takes mere minutes. It is wonderful to have the information for all of our animals available to our workers on a secure platform.  We are gearing up to use the ‘client portal’ functions, which look to be promising as well. 


Our business has been around for over a decade and it is exciting to be able to use the latest technology to improve our security and efficiency.  I highly doubt there are any better tools available for pet care businesses.


Stella and Floyds - Edmonds - Washington - USA


Julie Nealey


I have been in the pet care industry for a number of years and recently I began a summer-long quest to find just the right software program. Believe me, I was shooting for the moon!


Pet Sitter Plus offers personal and professional support 100% of the time and the cost is the absolute best around. They go immensely above and beyond what is expected from a software company.


Very much worth the money. I have and will continue to recommend them to my affiliates. Thanks Pet Sitter Plus, you answered all my needs!







Pet and Home Care LLC - Maryland & California - USA


Tiffany Reynolds


Pet Sitter Plus (PSP) has changed my pet sitting company for ever!


We have only been live a few days but already are seeing huge improvements! Our clients and staff are so impressed and the feedback we are already getting is amazing!


Pet and Home Care LLc is a pretty big pet sitting business but now everything is streamlined and we are in a position to grow even bigger! I wish I switched to PSP a long time ago. The mobile version and client and sitter portal is so easy to use!



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