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Busy Bee Critter Sitters - Guelph - Ontario - Canada


Nina & Eleanor


When we started expanding our business we knew we needed something that could keep track of our scheduling, billing and client information in one place. We did trials on several programs and were frustrated with how limited they were until we found Pet Sitter Plus. It does what we were looking for, plus so much more!


The free trial was great and included amazing one-on-one customer support. We saw right away that it would cut our administration time down a huge amount. Our staff find it easy to use with only a short tutorial and our clients appreciate that their billing is on time and more accurate.


We were concerned that with Plus being based in the UK it wouldn't work for us over here - and we had already experienced problems with programs that were too region-based - but Pet Sitter Plus is so customizable sometimes we forget it wasn't designed just for us!


The best part of Plus, however, is the personalized support from Richard and his team. No matter how big or small your question or concern is they address it right away, even incorporating new features into the system based on users' feedback.


We would heartily recommend Pet Sitter Plus to anyone looking for an all-in-one solution!




park cities logo.jpeg

Park Cities Pet Sitter - Dallas - Texas - USA


Joette White

Park Cities Pet Sitter was started in 1992 and I started working as a pet sitter in 1996. Then I worked my way up to running the company which gave the owner a chance to take a real vacation. I purchased it in 2000 and we have grown to be five times larger than we were nearly 18 years ago.  


The main reason we made the move to PSP is because we needed more than our software at the time could offer. Speed, client accounting in the same software, being able to track our staff, and room for growth as we looked at best practices when it comes to managing our employees. We also wanted to have as much control as possible when it came to customization. 


I love being able to customize this software, but one of my favorite things is the bulk scheduling tool, because it saves us an enormous amount of time. What took us nearly a day to do, now only takes a few clicks and a matter of seconds.


As Pet Sitter Plus evolves to include even more features, do you see your company growing with the software?


We are still looking for key features to be added down the road and are excited about the possibilities. We knew coming into this relationship we would not have everything we wanted right away... but we also knew we would be helping to shape this software into the best in the business! We are in for the long haul!

Whiskers ‘n Paws - So. St. Paul - Minnesota - USA


Julie Longenecker


I have been running Whiskers ‘n Paws Pet Sitting Service for 9 years and I recently spent several months playing with demos and interviewing pet sitting software companies to find a new system.


Just when I thought there wasn't a software program supplied with good customer service that could meet all my needs, I found Pet Sitter Plus.


Not only is the software a complete package, user friendly and offers many features I didn't even know I wanted, the customer service and tech support is outstanding.


Thank you for offering great pet sitting software at an affordable price.

Kaja's Happy Tails - St. Paul - Minnesota - USA


Kaja King


I have been using Pet sitter plus for several months now. I'm thrilled! One of the things I really love about it is that I don't have to worry about ever loosing data as it's in the clouds. It's very easy to use, I'm able to book jobs quickly. I like the "repeat service" booking abilities.


My staff think it's great too, they like the ability to log on and see their schedule and how much money they will make, weekly or monthly. They no longer have to do math and tell me what I owe them, Pet Sitter Plus has the ability to tell each of us what we're making.


Whenever I've had questions or need a little help to understand all the features, Richard has answered them promptly.


I was referred to Pet Sitter Plus from a friend who did a ton of research on all the available programs. She found this to be the best by far!


Thank you for making my life a little easier.

MCM Professional Services - Boynton Beach - Florida - USA


Maria Marino


“I started my pet sitting business back in 2005, and I was using a desktop software that I bought years ago which gave me a calendar and a client’s database. However, due to a recent upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 my current product no longer available so I started looking for something I could use with a solid internet interface.

I tried a couple of other software products, but really LOVED the customer service and friendliness of Richard and the staff at Pet Sitter Plus. I also was looking for a software that allowed me to be able to view the daily assignments from my cellular phone as I am on the road most of the day. I used to write in a piece of paper all the visits I had to do in a day, but with this software I don’t have to do that anymore… I just open the schedule in my cell phone, and voila… Everything is there!!


What is more, I am also able to schedule visits from my phone as well, so when a customer calls to request a service, I can do it right away!!

I highly recommend this software to any pet sitting business that is looking for a friendly, excellent, and affordable product!”



Your Pets and Us - Harvard - Massachusetts - USA


Beverley Pero


I have been a petsitter for 15 years and consider myself a small business. The time consuming and some times mundane administrative task of writing everything in my "dinosaur" calendar was not an efficient way of running a business. It took hours of my valuable time as well as afforded the possibility of errors, missing something.


Recently, I began looking into local petsitter software companies. I interviewed several local companies and was completely turned off by their poor customer service, taking days to return my emails or phone calls. I began to have serious doubts that a professional and caring service was available to help me run my business.


Finally, I came across Petsitter Plus and my confidence was restored as my inquiries where promptly and professionally answered. I tried their 1 month free trial and was quite impressed with the one-on-one treatment I received, free of charge!


The level of support that Richard provides is amazing! To accommodate our different time zones, we would Skype often and for long periods at a time - he was patient and walked me through every step, helping me to become comfortable with how the software works.


Following several one-on-one sessions, I felt comfortable enough to use the software and will only need to contact him on an as needed basis.


I use an iPad and travel in my car with complete access to the daily schedule, client information and staff schedules. It is pure freedom to be mobil and not confined to my office. End of week or month billing is streamlined now. I can find myself feeling as if I have more free time to do fun things, like be with my dog and husband!



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