"I no longer have to check and re-check my sitters calendars and it literally takes me 10 minutes a week to send out all of our invoices." 


Becky Eberly - Dog Days & Cat Naps

Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL, USA

Dog Days & Cat Naps

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Dog Days & Cat Naps

Becky Eberly

Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL, USA




December 2014

Dog Days & Cat Naps, LLC was founded in 2000.  We provide pet care services to the greater northeast Florida area, including Jacksonville and St. Augustine.  I started the business as sole pet sitter and literally managed reservations using a spiral notebook and hard-copy invoices which I would leave in my clients’ homes.  Since then, we have grown into a large and busy pet sitting business with 35 pet sitters and almost 600 clients.


Over the years I faced real challenges as the business grew and I very quickly learned that we needed online systems to better manage reservations, pet sitter schedules, and billing.  The days of paper billing and jotting down client reservations in my notebook were over! But when I couldn’t find the perfect software solution I ended up using a combination of online systems to manage the business: Google calendars for pet sitter scheduling, QuickBooks Online for billing and I was also using a pet sitting software just for their online client portal.


We toggled between the various systems to do our work, and it was painfully time consuming. It would take me two full days each week to email out my invoices which had to be done one-by-one.  Client registration was another problem. Our clients would register online in the client portal but we then had to manually transfer data to QuickBooks which was also very time consuming and painful. Payroll was a mess because our pet sitter’s calendars were usually off by a visit or two, which caused payroll to be incorrect. 


There was no way for our pet sitters to mark visits as complete and sometimes they forgot to tell me that a client returned home early or added a visit. This meant that I would find myself constantly checking and double-checking with my pet sitters about their schedules and their total pay amount.  This was very frustrating and really time consuming.


"I started looking for pet sitting software early in 2014. I was looking for something that would consolidate my multiple systems and make life easier so I signed up for several free trails, but nothing seemed the perfect fit."


Then I got an email from Richard at Pet Sitter Plus, and what a breath of fresh air!  He took the time to ask me what my current process was and what I was having trouble with. What’s more, he didn’t just give me access to the software for me to figure out on my own; he provided me with an informative overview and training session, so that I could see how the software could work for my business.  


In the initial overview he showed me how to set up my specific services, rates, pay structure, etc and it was at that moment that I realized just how powerful Pet Sitter Plus is. Today, all my various service rates and sitter compensation rules are built into the system so that everything is handled automatically. I was so appreciative of his time and assistance, and felt totally supported.


"As I run a large business, I needed quite a lot of support to understand how best to consolidate my multiple systems into one solution and this is where Pet Sitter Plus have really got things right." 


Richard basically “held my hand” from the initial meeting through to going live and even helped me send out invoices for the first time through the new software.  All of this support was free, and I never felt rushed or pressured.    



I have been using Pet Sitter Plus software for several months now.  My clients love the new billing system and online accounts, and my pet sitters love their new online schedules.  They check off their visits every day, so I know everything is correct.  


"I no longer have to check and re-check my sitters calendars and it literally takes me 10 minutes a week to send out all of our invoices."


My payroll is a breeze; I can print an accurate payroll report in literally five seconds.  


Pet Sitter Plus has helped my business so much, and has saved me hours and hours of time each week.  In fact, I now have so much extra time on my hands that I have started working with Richard to help train other pet sitters on the software.  Today I still run Dog Days and Cat Naps but because of Pet Sitter Plus I am really enjoying the opportunity to share my experience with other pet sitters and to help them to get the full benefits of this amazing system.


I hope that you find Pet Sitter Plus to be as helpful and time-saving as I have.




Becky Eberly

Dog Days & Cat Naps

Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL, USA



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