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Delaware - USA


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"For the first time in years we feel in total control of our growing business and in a position to support additional growth."


Claudia & Jed Todd - Content Critter

Newark, Delaware - USA

Content Critter

Newark, Delaware USA

Claudia & Jed Todd

Newark, Delaware, USA


June 2015

"Claudia & Jed Todd talk about how Pet Sitter Plus has given them back total control of their business." 



Content Critter was created out of a pure love for pets.  My background as an office manager gave me the communication and office skills needed to run a quickly growing business.  My husband, Jed, has a background in advertising and photography and took care of developing the brand, website and marketing materials as well as the outstanding pet photography of many of our furry clients.  Our adult son, Shawn, has a special love for cats so I put him in charge of the “cat division”.


Before Pet Sitter Plus…

I have to admit I was “old school” when it came to the way I operated the administrative end of the business.  My system consisted of pen and paper, spread sheets, email, phone and a growing master agenda notebook and calendar.   I started to dread the administrative end of the business as payroll for our growing group of IC staff members was taking hours each week to prepare. I would manually go through my calendar adding up what I owed my staff.  Scheduling was also becoming a painful experience with a growing amount of my time being spent on the phone, texting and emailing between staff and clients which consumed hours of time each day and night.  As we brought on more staff there was always the concern in the back our minds wondering if the staff were taking care of all the pets they were assigned. 


We operated on the honor system and didn’t want to nag the staff but hoped that everyone would remember to do all of their assignments. 


"What started out of a love for pets was becoming a major administrative job that we could never step away from." 


Jed became concerned of “burn out” in the summer of 2014 as he watched me juggle my time between administrative work, meetings with new and existing clients, and dealing with the staff in addition to the pets I cared for.  He was also concerned that if something happened to me, he would not be able to continue the business we had worked so hard to build using my current administration system. He wanted a system that he could understand and operate so that he could help lighten my load.  Shawn also wanted a system that he could help with and take some of the load off of our shoulders.


Jed started investigating software systems even though I was against changing the way we were currently doing business.  One Sunday afternoon, Jed called a family meeting and we gathered around the TV and watched all the video presentations on the Pet Sitter Plus website.  Afterward, my son agreed that this is what we needed to be able to support continued growth.


One of the deciding factors for going with Pet Sitter Plus was the evidence we could see of regular new releases of the software.  We wanted to go with a software company that was dedicated to improving the product and keeping it cutting edge. 


I took Jed up on his plan to wait until February when business slows a bit and dig in for a month and learn the system.   The day after signing up for the 30 day free trial we got a call from Becky Eberly asking to set up a time to start a series of four weekly trainings during the trial month.  The training sessions were excellent and Becky was patient, concise and a great communicator. She took us through four one+ hour sessions with the use of Skype.  She gave us easy homework in between trainings.  Between sessions we knew that Becky or Richard was just an email away to answer any questions.  After the training was completed I found there was not really that much to learn and the system was very user friendly.  It was just a matter of getting to know the software, entering data and setting it up with our services, prices and compensation.  Then the fun part … letting the software do the work that used to wear me down.  Payroll, invoicing and staff scheduling that used to take hours each week is now done with a few clicks in minutes.


Our staff love it…

The sitters just log into their own online account portal using a smart phone or desktop computer where they can see their jobs for any period and any information needed to do the job including last minute changes.  They also see their compensation for any period.  They can even request time off.   At the beginning of each day, our staff members log in to their account to view their jobs and click the “acknowledge” button.  After the jobs are completed they click a “completed” button. 


"We can view in our schedule that the jobs have been acknowledged and completed.  The peace of mind that one feature gives us is worth the cost of the software itself."


Our clients love it…

Our clients love having access to their own secure on-line portal where they can enter their pet details and care instructions as well as any special entry instructions or alarm codes.  If they make a change to their records, we are immediately notified of the change.   They can also request booking dates and changes to their current bookings online.  They can view any balance owed and pay with their credit cards with a click of a button.  


"For the first time in years we feel in total control of our growing business and in a position to support additional growth."



Claudia & Jed Todd



Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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