" Pet Sitter Plus has allowed me to free up my time and spend more of this with my family, whilst allowing me to put into effect expansion plans. "


Gavin Chilvers - Walking the Dog


the Dog 

Case Study

" Gavin Chilvers of “Walking the Dog” Gives Pet Sitter Plus a Road Test."

Walking the Dog


Gavin Chilvers




October 2011

Okay; So we all start in business the same way, usually pen and paper. At first this is perfectly acceptable and adequate for a new Pet Service business. However if you wish to grow and expand your business other avenues of administration tools have to be explored and at some point a computerised system needs to be implemented.


Having successfully devised complex spread sheets for my previous optical practices, and then later my importing business, I thought I would simply (when the time required) sit back down at the computer and devise a spread sheet to aid me in my day-to-day planning of Walking the Dog Pet Services.


With the spread sheet complete it did sort some of the admin chores, but only some, and I couldn’t link it to a paper diary system!


I was still using a pen and paper diary, transferring details to the spread sheet, sitting down at the weekend and manually creating individual diaries for each of the walkers and home carers and then individually emailing these to each specific employee – phew quite a bit of duplication there and a waste of valuable time.


Then I happened to come across Pet Sitter Plus through an internet search.


Looking through the fantastic video demos on their site and reading the various glowing reviews quickly showed me that this was the best way to ensure that my business expands and grows whilst minimising (and possibly freeing) my time in the daily administration workload.


Following a 30-day trial period, which really lets you get to grips with the software and use every aspect of it, and through reading the very helpful and regular email hints, tips and advice that the company sends, I very quickly realised that this was the software for me.


Once you have loaded your client data you simply have to create a service order, basically showing what is required, i.e. Walk, Daycare, Home Boarding or Visit, on which day and at what times and then the software prepares/sends the required invoice and (this is the clever bit) links through to and updates the diary, showing each employee’s work for that day.


Further Benefits;


Full Client database that your employees have access to – so no having to manually write down/print out pet routines, client details etc each time, or forever taking queries regarding jobs by phone.


Electronic Diary – no manually transferring the details of the clients/pet routine to your diary – it does it automatically.


No need to manually break down the schedule for each individual employee – it does it automatically.


Employees have access their own schedule and can see any updates automatically. They can view 1 day, 1 week or 1 month at a time and see their earnings.


Also one extra benefit of the software is the holiday planner, this allows employees to input their holidays so no booking errors can occur.


" Pet Sitter Plus has allowed me to free up my time and spend more of this with my family, whilst allowing me to put into effect expansion plans. "


I am now totally confident in expanding the business knowing that Pet Sitter Plus will take care of the extra administration required with ease and efficiency.


" So how would I rate Pet Sitter Plus – highly, it’s a business lifesaver. "





Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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