Flexible, tailored schedules

Pet sitting businesses need a fully, flexible scheduling system that they can tailor to cope with multiple service requirements, as different types of services need to behave differently in the software.

Display your Schedule in Flexible Columns

For the multi-column schedule view, business owners can control how the data is displayed in the 4 available columns for example you can show time periods of the day like “Morning, Midday, Afternoon and Evening” or alternatively each of the 4 columns could contain groups of services like Home Visits, Walking, Day-care and Boarding.

Schedule Settings

Choose your scheduling options

Pet Sitter Plus supports a wide range of scheduling options to help you “program” your services to behave the way you would expect supporting a variety of scenarios. Would you like an option to allow your clients or sitters to see cancelled services in their schedules? Or to configure an overnight email with a copy schedule for the next x days?

Choose from a variety of default settings including the default sort order for the schedule or the default setting for time display. Also select the default “detail” level for your schedule which ranges from “show all details” to “super compact summary level”. There are also options to see client names, pet names or both.

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