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Pet Software has developed a unique dog walking software package designed specifically to save dog walkers time and money. The main objective of the system is to help reduce administration time and to improve the level of service that dog walkers can offer their clients.


The dog walking industry has grown considerably in recent years and dog walking businesses are characterised by a set of quite specific and complex admin requirements. Dog walking clients sometimes have varied and irregular working patterns meaning that they will often need the services of a dog walking company at short notice. These days’ flexibility and reliability are key requirements of any successful walking businesses. Businesses that use our software benefit from being able to communicate far easier with their staff and respond faster to client requests for service. Internet based software provides clear benefits over traditional admin systems in that last minute requests for walks can be scheduled and send in real time to staff who have web enabled mobile devices. This means that software enabled dog walking services can be more responsive, reliable and flexible as a result.


Our software will hold comprehensive information about clients and their pets which can also be accessed by sole traders and employees alike through a variety of mobile devices. This means that pet behavioural information, pet care routines and house security information is all securely accessible when out on pet sitting assignments.


Our dog walking software provides other advantages such as scheduling tools for clients with regular service requirements. Clients who order the same walking services each month have their work scheduled automatically so that mistakes are reduced and scheduling takes less time. Regular walking services can be pre-assigned to staff members and adjusted on a daily basis to produce real time and accurate daily walking schedules. The system also features a comprehensive holiday management system which helps with re-assigning work when staff are on holiday and staff salaries are also calculated automatically.


Finally, as a result of the accuracy of the system, invoices can be produced which are professional, itemised and always right first time. Pricing rules for your dog walking business are pre-programmed into the software so that invoices are always correct. Bulk invoicing facilities mean that many invoices can be sent out in just seconds saving both time and money.


Dog walking businesses are notoriously difficult to administer and many dog walkers will say that their businesses have taken over their lives. Our software provides such huge time saving benefits that dog walkers who adopt this technology find that the quality of their lives is improved. Evenings and weekends are no longer spent on mind numbing manual administration and instead can be spent with family members or growing your business.


Get your life back my subscribing to dog walking software from Pet Sitter Plus.


Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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