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Dog Walking Software

Everything you need, and more...

Pet Sitter Plus is one of the world's most popular dog walking software companies. Pet Sitter Plus is an online scheduling and invoicing software system designed specifically for dog walking businesses. The software reduces the time it takes to perform repetitive administrative tasks allowing you to focus on dog walking and growing your business.

Pet Sitter Plus is ideal for dog walking where you may walk dogs individually and/or on group walks, and if you also care for dogs on overnights or boarding for vacation cover, you can easily and simply schedule these visits too. It is also used for pet sitting or Cat sitting businesses. 


Running a dog walking business means that you need a full client, pet, vet and routine database that enables dog walkers to keep track of all key client data and store important information about routines when collecting dogs from the client's home. Our client features include client mobile and portal, instant visit reports, online payments, plus simple invoicing and repeat scheduling. Easily updated Client & Pet profiles and 3-way messaging hub keeps everyone up to date.

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The staff dashboard enables dog walkers to easily and simply check-in and out of house visits on their mobile device. During or after the dog walk, they can email some photos and message to the client which is a really useful feature for clients that are out working and want to know how their pets have got on during their dog walk. The staff dashboard also provides pay totals so that your dog walkers know at all times what they are being paid and they can also easily book vacations from the dashboard. Vacations are emailed to administrators so that services on the schedule can then easily be rescheduled to another dog walker. 

Our dog walking software also includes an industry leading GPS monitoring report, providing administrators with full accountability of the dog walker's GPS position and the ability to check how long the service took.

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A really useful feature enables administrators to schedule repeat dog walking services quickly and simply with a few mouse clicks. The service order is automatically updated with any changes, so the dog walker is updated on their staff dashboard on their mobile phone, plus the invoice is also updated automatically. This gives you the added benefit of ensuring no dog walking services are “missed” which can often happen with spreadsheet or pen and paper admin systems.

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Pet Sitter Plus dog walking software provides you with a bulk invoicing feature, enabling clients to receive their weekly or monthly invoice via email in seconds. Get back precious dog walking hours and days spent on invoicing admin when compared to manual data entry. Our credit or debit card payments integration enables clients to pay online which means less administration for you. Or you can set up auto payments, where clients' cards are charged automatically when the invoice is raised. Connect Pet Sitter Plus to QuickBooks Online and synchronize clients, invoices, payments, services and more.

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Our dog walking software has a powerful suite of reports that will enable you to collect a vast amount of financial, performance and statistical data. There is also an outstanding invoices report which details clients who owe you money. Non-paying clients can then be sent a duplicate copy of their invoice with a polite notice to pay, which has proved an efficient method of improving bill payments.

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Is your dog walking software as customizable as you would like? When it comes to client information, dog information and visit reports, Pet Sitter Plus lets you customize in everything. Create your own pages of information, create sections within pages and then store any type of data into the many options for types of fields, drop down lists and checkboxes. You can also upload files, PDFs and images for clients to download whenever it suits.

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Life changing!

"PSP has been life changing for myself and my managers! Tasks that used to take me hours (and hour and hours) like invoicing can now be done in minutes, in bulk! It's also very user friendly and the customer service is top notch! Customer representative and company are responsive and seem eager to hear suggestions and the software continues to improve with regular updates. I highly recommend!

Tess A.

Blissful Buddha Pet Services

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