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Security & Technology


Always using the latest technology

At Pet Sitter Plus we strive to ensure that your data and your clients data is protected by the best security standards available today.

Ever wondered why some websites say HTTP in the address bar and others say HTTPS? HTTPS denotes that a webpage uses some form of encryption to transmit data from your device to the server. Encryption means that the data, when transmitted, cannot be decoded and read by another computer that is not authorized.

At Pet Sitter Plus we use the very latest security algorithms to ensure your connections "from device to server" are as secure as modern technology allows.


To test the security of our service you can run a deep analysis of our webserver by entering your Pet Sitter Plus URL into this Qualys SSL Labs SSL Server Test.


Our servers are hosted using the Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute service. It’s the same Amazon that you buy all your stuff from on the Internet. Amazon’s cloud service provides us (as developers) with the following benefits:


  • Ability to easily increase server capacity worldwide. We currently host many servers around the world located in Asia, Europe and the USA. Using servers in local geographies ensures good performance for you (our client) and your clients too.

  • Ability to replace servers in minutes if a hardware failure is suspected.

  • Best in class server security. For example we have implemented “bank style” server security which requires the generation of a dynamic 8 bit code at the time of login. As a result, only our development team can access our servers provided that they have in their possession a dongle to generate the access code.

At Pet Sitter Plus we integrate with Stripe for credit card processing. Stripe are leaders in internet based credit card processing and they treat the security of your clients data as their number one priority. Read more about the highlights of Stripe's security protocols


A few things to mention about the Stripe credit card processing service:


  • Credit card information is never stored in Pet Sitter Plus. Stripe hosts all our credit card data on their servers which are all certified PCI compliant level 1 which is the most stringent form of certification.

  • Stripe encrypts all credit card data when stored on their servers.

  • Stripe forces all browsers to interact with their service via securely encrypted HTTPS channels.


Security online is not about getting one thing right, it's about employing best in class technologies and practices in everything you do. At Pet Sitter Plus we use a combination of measures to ensure our platform is safe to use.


At Pet Sitter Plus we combine a solid implementation of encryption with world class Amazon EC2 hosted servers and best in class credit card security from Stripe to provide an overall solution that is as safe as it is possible to be in the current technology landscape.

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