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FREE 1:1 Coaching

Everything you need, and more...

Laptop showing ways of free training for dog walking software from Pet Sitter Plus

We like to think that we have made pet sitting software as easy as it can be, but pet sitting administration itself is often complex, especially when it comes to pricing rules and staff compensation. So for people who would like some personal coaching from their software partner, we offer a full (completely optional) package of coaching and implementation services absolutely free of charge.

Free training provided for dog walker software with Pet Sitter Plus

Coaching is provided one-to-one either via phone, Skype or Zoom using our tried & tested roadmap:

In this session we walk you through the process of creating all your services in Pet Sitter Plus. We then show you how to apply surcharges for holiday, out of hours and weekend periods and also how to apply special charge rates for valued clients. Next we take a look at setting up the rules around staff compensation.

Repeat service scheduling

During session 2 we help you to create all your regular repeating services so that your monthly schedule can be created in seconds. We then coach you in the use of the add-on service scheduling tools.


In this session we take a look at bulk invoicing, taking payments with credit cards (if applicable) and the variety of invoicing methods available such as invoicing in advance and at the end of service.

Client portal

Finally in session 4 we deal with all your remaining questions and show you how to get your clients introduced to their own online accounts.

Some of our clients are pretty tech savvy and enjoy the challenge of working things out for themselves. If this sounds like you, then you will enjoy a complete 30 days access to a full copy of Pet Sitter Plus so you can evaluate the product for yourself. You do not need to attend any coaching which is all free and completely optional. 


We will be on hand to support you when you need us by answering your emails and phone calls. Simply send in your support query and one of our team on the support desk will get back to you.


Pet Sitter Plus has a fully up to date self-service help system which enables many clients to resolve their own issues without needing our support service. Feel free to have a look around our HELP website

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