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Pet Sitter Plus is a software product suitable for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog day care centres, & home boarding establishments.


Our customers pay a monthly subscription and in return we make a significant investment 

each year by adding new functionality to Pet Sitter Plus.


At Pet Software, we produce around 3 - 5 major releases each year and every customer receives the latest updates.


This means that all our clients have access to the very latest features and enhancements so that your subscription payments always provide you with the best possible value for your money.It also means that we at Pet Software only ever have one version of the software to support so that we can provide you with the best possible service.


At Pet Software we are proud of the relationship we have with our clients. We receive feedback daily about new requirements and enhancements and we prioritise carefully the functionality that goes into each new release.


New versions of the software take just minutes to apply to our servers around the world and there is generally little or no downtime associated with upgrades.


All upgrades are provided free of charge as part of your subscription to Pet Sitter Plus.


Our aim is to make Pet Sitter Plus the most comprehensive and yet the most easy to use pet sitting software product available anywhere in the world.


New GPS Accuracy Meter and Improved Reporting in version 6.0 >


Release Date Thursday November 21st 2019

Take back control of the quality of the GPS data that you record!
If you have ever had concerns about the accuracy of the GPS data that you record, please click on this link to watch our short video which will help you achieve much better results and much improved accuracy from our new GPS check in software.

This new release delivers a GPS accuracy meter that will help your pet sitters to check in at the best possible time when their phone is delivering the best quality GPS data. Read More....

Servers are defaulting to version 6.0 for all existing clients from Tuesday December 3rd 2019 >


Tuesday December 3rd 2019

On Tuesday December 3rd 2019 all remaining servers around the world that have not yet been defaulted to Pet Sitter Plus version 6.0, will be defaulted to version 6.0. 

We appreciate that you probably have a number of questions about this change so we have put together this list of handy FAQ’s to help you to understand and to navigate this process;


Mini Release V6.0 Build 11090 >


September 2019

Pet Sitter Plus Mini-release V6.0 Build 11090 featuring

  • New Editing a Single Service in the Schedule >

    • Discover how to find the new location for the service report, map information, staff activity and check-in/out in the new layout for editing a service in the schedule. Also introducing new drill down options for the Client, Order and Invoice. 

  • New Schedule Compact View >

    • Introducing the new Compact View of the Schedule designed to replicate the Diary from 5.8.

  • New Schedule Formatting Options >

    • In this mini-release, we have reformatted the Schedule List View, Column View and the Compact View to present a much clearer layout.

  • New Service Analysis Report >

    • This new report is a great new performance tool to track the average time pet sitters spend at their services.

  • New Timeframe in the Schedule >

    • In this mini release this feature is now fully supported in the V6 staff interface.

  • New End of Day Time Constraint >

    • We have added a new way to augment the time constraint function for accepting service requests or cancellations from clients via the Client Portal.


Plus a host of other new enhancements and bug fixes.

Major Release V6.0 >


May 2019

Pet Sitter Plus Major New Release Version V6.0 


  • A Completely New Modern Look and Feel >

    • In this major new release the Pet Sitter Plus user interface has been completely redesigned and now sports a fantastic new look and feel to take our clients into 2020 and beyond.

  • Responsive Design 100% Optimised for Mobile >​

    • This completely new responsive experience brings all the power of Pet Sitter Plus to your Mobile Phone. Imagine having access to everything that Pet Sitter Plus has to offer with the added convenience of mobile and with a totally modern and beautiful new design. Try it on your mobile, you will be amazed how easy it is to use and how you have access to every possible feature.

  • A Huge List of New functions and Settings: Pet Sitter Plus now features:

    • A brand new staff interface which has a long list of new capabilities

    • New and powerful client revenue reporting.

    • A massive list of new settings to help you tailor and control your new experience.

    • More security features to create different types of users that have access to different levels of functionality and data.​

    • Powerful new schedules that are more consistent and provide access to greater levels of functionality and convenience.

    • Enhanced logging functions to help you better understand who changes and created data on your system.


Read more about Pet Sitter Plus Release Version 6.0​


Mini Release V5.8.1 >


November 2017

Pet Sitter Plus Mini-release V5.8.1 featuring

  • Tips in the Client Portal Mobile >

    • Option to collect tips from your clients at the point of payment is now available in the client portal mobile.

  • Quote & Invoice Notes >

    • Have you ever wished that you could make a note on a quote or an invoice reminding you to contact the client about something on a certain date?

  • Safeguard When Deleting Services >

    • In this mini-release, a safeguard has been introduced such that when services are deleted, an onscreen warning is displayed providing an opportunity for users to consider more carefully the actions they are taking.

  • Correction of Fault when Editing Job Requests >

    • It was brought to our attention that, when editing multiple job requests that were assigned to multiple sitters, the system could erroneously assign the jobs to a single sitter in an unwanted fashion.

  • Stripe Auto Card Update >

    • Due to improvements in the way banks are now able to communicate with payment processors, the details of credit / debits cards can now be communicated directly to payment processors by banks. This means that when an old card expires or is subject to fraud, the details of the new card can be provided to the payment processor (Stripe) such that the client does not have to manually update their card details in Pet Sitter Plus.

  • Stripe Email Synchronisation >

    • A problem was reported such that when a client changed their email address in Pet Sitter Plus, this change was not then reflected in Stripe, meaning that receipt emails (sent directly from Stripe) continued to be sent erroneously to the old email address.


Plus a host of other new enhancements.

Release V5.8 >


October 2017

Pet Sitter Plus V5.8 featuring

Plus a host of other new enhancements.

Release V5.7 >


May 2017

Pet Sitter Plus V5.7 featuring


Plus a host of other new enhancements.


Release V5.6 >


January 2017

Pet Sitter Plus V5.6 featuring


Plus a host of other new enhancements.

Release V5.5 >


August 2016

Pet Sitter Plus V5.5 featuring


Plus a host of other new enhancements.

Release V5.3.3 >


April 2016

Pet Sitter Plus V5.3.3.3 featuring



Release V5.3 >


March 2016

Pet Sitter Plus V5.3 featuring


plus a host of other new features and enhancements..


Release V5.2 >


October 2015

Pet Sitter Plus V5.2 featuring

  • Improved options for staff access >

  • Key management in the mobile interface >


plus a host of other new features and enhancements..


Release V5.1 >


June 2015

Pet Sitter Plus V5.1 featuring

  • Time Blocks

  • Automated production of email schedules overnight


Plus a host of other new features and enhancements..



Release V5.0 >


April 2015

Pet Sitter Plus V5.0 featuring

  • Full Key Management,

  • Support for direct emailing,

  • Enhanced pet sitter access options,

  • Recording and reporting of referral sources


plus a host of other new features and enhancements..



Release V4.9 >


March 2015

Pet Sitter Plus V4.9 featuring

  • SMTP integration which paves the way for a host of advanced email capabilities.


plus a host of other new features and enhancements..



Release V4.8 >


January 2015

Pet Sitter Plus V4.8 featuring

  • Improved invoicing options


plus a host of other new features and enhancements..



Release V4.7 >


November 2014

Pet Sitter Plus V4.7 featuring

  • Mobile optimized client portal and

  • Online client registration.


plus a host of other new features and enhancements..


Release V4.6 >


October 2014

Pet Sitter Plus V4.6 featuring 

  • GPS check-in, check-out and

  • Timeframe support for enhanced scheduling.


plus a host of other new features and enhancements..



Release V4.5 >


August 2014

Pet Sitter Plus Version 4.5 featuring;

  • Optional client online scheduling and

  • Optional client online cancellation in the cient portal.


plus a host of other new features and enhancements..



Release V4.4 >


May 2014

Pet Sitter Plus Version 4.4 with

  • Enhanced client portal functionality and

  • Notifications.


plus a host of other new features and enhancements..



Release V4.3 >


February 2014

Pet Sitter Plus Version 4.3 featuring

  • Integrated Credit / Debit card payment processing...


plus a host of other new features and enhancements..



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Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading software for pet sitters, dog walkers, dog Boarding, dog daycare centres and kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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