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Producing around 3 to 5 new releases of the Pet Sitter Plus software each year, every subscribing customer receives the latest updates automatically free-of-charge, with explanations and instructions about the new features. 

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New GPS Accuracy Meter and Improved Reporting in version 6.0 >

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December 2019 

Take back control of the quality of the GPS data that you record!

If you have ever had concerns about the accuracy of the GPS data that you record, please click on this link to watch our short video which will help you achieve much better results and much improved accuracy from our new GPS check in software.

This new release delivers a GPS accuracy meter that will help your pet sitters to check in at the best possible time when their phone is delivering the best quality GPS data. Read More....

Servers are defaulting to version 6.0 for all existing clients from Tuesday December 3rd 2019

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Tuesday December 3rd 2019

On Tuesday December 3rd 2019 all remaining servers around the world that have not yet been defaulted to Pet Sitter Plus version 6.0, will be defaulted to version 6.0. 

We appreciate that you probably have a number of questions about this change so we have put together this list of handy FAQ’s to help you to understand and to navigate this process.

  • What does “defaulting to V6.0” mean?

  • For how long will I still be able to access the older version 5.8? 

  • How does all this work technically?

  • What does this mean for Administrators?

  • What does this mean for Staff?

  • What if my staff (or I) use the old version 5.8 Mobile Interface? 

  • As an administrator, can I bypass version 6.0 completely after Tuesday December 3rd?

  • Who will be affected by this change?

  • Why should I consider switching to Version 6.0?

  • Will there be an APP for Version 6.0?

  • What will the APP do?

  • Will there be an APP for Version 5.8?

  • Do I need to update the links on my website for the client portal?

Mini Release V6.0 Build 11090 

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September 2019

  • New Editing a Single Service in the Schedule >
    • Discover how to find the new location for the service report, map information, staff activity and check-in/out in the new layout for editing a service in the schedule. Also introducing new drill down options for the Client, Order and Invoice. 

  • New Schedule Compact View >
    • Introducing the new Compact View of the Schedule designed to replicate the Diary from 5.8.

  • New Schedule Formatting Options >
    • In this mini-release, we have reformatted the Schedule List View, Column View and the Compact View to present a much clearer layout.

  • New Service Analysis Report >
    • This new report is a great new performance tool to track the average time pet sitters spend at their services.

  • New Timeframe in the Schedule >
    • In this mini release this feature is now fully supported in the V6 staff interface.

  • New End of Day Time Constraint >
    • We have added a new way to augment the time constraint function for accepting service requests or cancellations from clients via the Client Portal.

Plus a host of other new enhancements and bug fixes.

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Money Well Spent = Happy Days

"This will save time and headaches with all aspects of business from invoicing to planning diaries and staff. I love Petsitter and wouldn't be without it now. Thanks to all the team who have made my life easier:) I cannot fault this software and can not recommend it highly enough, if you have a pet business you should have this software!!!! (I'm not being paid for this review!!!)"

Angie T.