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Schedule Anything! Anytime!

Pet Sitter Plus contains powerful scheduling tools that can be used by small pet sitting businesses and larger businesses alike. While 40% of our customers are solo independent contractors, we also look after some of the largest pet sitting businesses in the world employing more than 140 pet sitters.


Whatever size of business you are today or whatever size you want to become in the future, Pet Sitter Plus has easy yet powerful scheduling tools that will help you to manage and grow your business. 


These days most people expect to be able to book everything online so Pet Sitter Plus provides an easy to use online service request function that clients can access from any device. Many of our customers have successfully encouraged all of their clients to book services online which has saved them a significant amount of time and money in processing services onto the schedule. An added benefit also means fewer mistakes due to human error.  

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Repeat Services

Some of your clients will need to book and cancel at short notice but others will require a regular service schedule, such as 5 days a week. For regular repeating schedules we provide a flexible template-based scheduling system that lets you schedule regular services, however complex the requirement.


Want to schedule one service on a Monday, two services on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (to 2 different sitters) and one service on a Friday? No problem. Pet Sitter Plus repeat service scheduling is flexible enough to cater for almost any requirement. 


Full-service pet sitting businesses typically provide a wide range of services including solo dog walking, group walking, home visits, daycare and overnights/home boarding. Because we understand your requirements, Pet Sitter Plus is configurable to accommodate 24 hours services, 12 hour services, services that start at a specific time and/or services that start sometime within a time block such as 2:00 to 4:00pm. With Pet Sitter Plus there is no “one size fits all” scheduling method – you have the flexibility to configure services your way.  

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A powerful interactive map-based report highlights where pet sitters are located geographically when they check-in and check-out of their services. Useful notifications alert administrators to problems with service delivery such as late check-ins and short services.

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With our feature-rich set of scheduling tools, we’ve made it easy for schedulers to access the data they need to create schedules that flow and to deliver these to any device. Client and pet information, previous visit reports and check-in and check-out data is never more than a few mouse clicks away. 

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If you run a daycare establishment, boarding business or provide overnight services either as a stand alone business or alongside other pet sitting services, then help is at hand. The Planner provides a “birds eye view” of your home boarders or house sitters so that you can quickly assess whether or not you can accommodate additional home boarding, daycare centre, house sitting, or overnight service bookings requested by your clients. 

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Whatever your requirement, Pet Sitter Plus has a robust solution for managing keys that will help your business to keep this challenging problem under control. 

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Money Well Spent = Happy Days

"This will save time and headaches with all aspects of business from invoicing to planning diaries and staff. I love Petsitter and wouldn't be without it now. Thanks to all the team who have made my life easier:) I cannot fault this software and can not recommend it highly enough, if you have a pet business you should have this software!!!! (I'm not being paid for this review!!!)"

Angie T.


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