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Finances made easy

Whether you are a small pet sitting business producing just a handful of invoices or a larger business producing thousands of invoices, creating your invoices should be easy, accurate and fast. Pet Sitter Plus makes lite work of invoicing because it uses the data in your schedule to create your invoices which means that once your schedule is complete your invoices are good to go. Better still, larger clients could create literally thousands of invoices in a single action using our bulk invoicing module and it takes just seconds!  

Flexibility comes as standard with options to invoice for any date range, invoice in advance or at the end of service, automate your pricing rules or even take payments from securely stored credit/debit cards via Stripe. Clients can also link their bank accounts and pay using ACH (USA only).  

Imagine a world where the time you spend creating your invoices is reduced from days work to just minutes, so you have more time to run your business and to live your life. 

Plus we support a powerful integration with QuickBooks Online!


Pet Sitter Plus will create your invoices in seconds based on the services that you schedule each day.  


Save hours of work managing invoices manually – your invoices will be “good to go” at a time of your choosing with little or no additional work. 

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If your pet sitting business creates a lot of invoices, then the Pet Sitter Plus Bulk Invoicing module will give you back that valuable time that you have been missing in your life. Even if you create only a few invoices, Pet Sitter Plus will create all your invoices for you in just seconds in a single action so that you can save money and free up valuable time.

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iMac showing online card payments for pet sitting software in Pet Sitter Plus

If you find yourself spending a lot of time handling cash or processing payments, then the Pet Sitter Plus integrated payments solution will save you time and money and your clients will love the convenience.

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If you think your pricing model is too complex for our software, then you will be surprised to learn how easy it is to automate even the most complex pricing rules in Pet Sitter Plus.

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At Pet Sitter Plus we understand that clear communication helps to reduce client queries and improves your overall customer experience. So we designed a comprehensive suite of pre-built email templates that will speed up communication and create a professional image for your business that your clients will love.

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Invoice in advance or after service

Some businesses like to invoice before services are delivered to ensure that cash is collected in a timely fashion while reducing the opportunity for disputes and bad debt. If this is you, Pet Sitter Plus has the flexibility to accommodate invoicing either in advance or at the end of service.  


Clients who book regularly might also be offered the flexibility to cancel services throughout the billing period in which case Pet Sitter Plus will create credit notes so that your next invoice is financially correct and up-to-date. Note - If cancelled services are chargeable, then a credit note will not be created. 


Quickbooks Online seamless integration

Pet Sitter Plus supports comprehensive integration with QuickBooks Online so that client information, invoices, payments and services created in Pet Sitter Plus are transmitted throughout the day to update QuickBooks. This powerful module eliminates the need to rekey large amounts of data saving time and money and it can also help to provide a better level of detail and financial analysis in QuickBooks. 

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Money Well Spent = Happy Days

"This will save time and headaches with all aspects of business from invoicing to planning diaries and staff. I love Petsitter and wouldn't be without it now. Thanks to all the team who have made my life easier:) I cannot fault this software and can not recommend it highly enough, if you have a pet business you should have this software!!!! (I'm not being paid for this review!!!)"

Angie T.


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